5 Digital Signage Content Ideas for Retail Outlets
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5 Digital Signage Content Ideas for Retail Outlets

In the world of retail, capturing attention is often the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. As the general population shifts to more online shopping opportunities, retail outlets need to up the ante when it comes to implementing attention-drawing technologies that cater to customer service needs and spread brand awareness.

That’s why more retail stores and departments are turning to digital signage solutions to increase customer engagement while providing a more convenient, accessible shopping experience. In fact, research shows that 63% of consumers report having their attention captured by digital signage, while digital signage displays also capture 400% more views compared to static signage displays.

But it takes more than a fancy-looking digital signage display to truly draw intrigue from all those who pass by it. That’s where digital signage content makes the difference.

Effective digital signage content can pique consumer interest, educate them about your brand, and compel them to take action with your business. So what makes for compelling digital signage content?

Check out these five attention-commanding ideas every retail outlet should incorporate into digital signage content.

1. In-Depth Product Displays

Product promos are one of the most obvious forms of content to display on digital signage.  But instead of simply highlighting various products and encouraging your patrons to purchase, your product display content needs to go above and beyond what you can merely highlight or articulate with a static sign or poster.

For starters, give users the opportunity to scroll through your product inventory, which will give them an eagle’s eye view of all your products and provide wayfinding opportunities to locate those products.

Next, ensure that every product displayed on your interactive digital signage display is clickable. That way, users can click around to obtain more in-depth information regarding the product or even see other features such as product videos, reviews, demonstrations, etc.

Think of your digital signage display as a digital, interactive pamphlet with useful content that makes the user more aware of all the advantages your products offer.

2. Visual Product Demonstrations

The biggest content advantage digital signage can provide? Stimulating, interactive visuals. That’s what will certainly draw more customers in, but your visuals should be utilized more than merely for enticing graphic design.

Product demonstration videos are a perfect example of engaging digital signage content that enlightens the user about all the latest, exciting happenings in your retail business. The more they can see themselves using your products in their everyday lives, the more likely they’ll feel inspired to purchase your products.

3. Share Your Story

Nowadays, people have seemingly infinite options when it comes to choosing where they want to shop. Which is why an emerging consumer trend of late has been customers going out of their way to choose brands they relate to and connect with on a personal level.

That’s where a vital piece of digital signage content can be displaying ‘Our Story’ branding videos that enlighten the viewer to the origins of your company, what makes it unique, and why your company specifically caters to them. Studies show that 82% of consumers want to support brands that demonstrate values that align with their own.

Sharing such branded content across your digital signage platforms can assure them that they’re in good hands with your business.

4. Exclusive Promotional Content

Everyone loves a great deal, right? In fact, that’s one of the primary motives for many consumers to keep up appearances with in-store shopping, as the thrill of finding exclusive discounts or other promotional opportunities keeps them coming back for more!

Digital signage displays are perfect mediums for not only spreading more awareness of promotional content, but boosting engagement with customers looking to save big on their shopping.

For example, showcasing a digital signage display that encourages customers to enroll in your company’s rewards program or sign up for email newsletters with enticing in-store offers will also provide your company with customer contact information, so you can stay in touch with them long after they’ve left your store.

5. Social Media Feeds

As alluded to above, more customers want to shop at stores they can connect with outside of their shopping experience. That’s why more consumers are following and engaging with their favorite brands across social media platforms than ever before!

Promoting your company’s social media platforms across your digital signage displays is a great way to gain a bigger online following and presence while building better relationships with your clientele.

With the display of a QR code, shoppers can scan their smartphones onto your digital signage content and instantly be connected to your social media page!

Custom Digital Signage Content Management

The quality of your digital signage content can make a significant difference in regards to customer satisfaction and sales conversion ratios. At Oppna Digital, we help businesses of all industries deliver engaging, branded content to their customers with the aid of innovative digital signage solutions.

Look to get your message delivered with custom digital signage content management services? Contact Oppna Digital today to schedule a consultation with our digital signage specialists!

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