5 Ways Local Municipalities Are Utilizing Digital Signage Solutions
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5 Ways Local Municipalities Are Utilizing Digital Signage Solutions

As far as working environments go, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more demanding, expansive workplace than a local municipality. With more than 19 million employees working across state and local government agencies throughout the country, local municipalities require absolute efficiency and coordinated communication to ensure optimal organization and coherence for all of their operations.

That’s why it’s essential for local municipalities to utilize digital signage solutions that not only help maintain order within these taxing working environments, but also keep staff synergy at the highest level possible. Digital signage technology provides a variety of benefits to help enhance communication and coordination within government buildings.

From digital wayfinding services for navigating one’s way throughout sprawling campuses to sending out real-time emergency notifications, implementing digital signage solutions is a great way to improve efficiency in local areas while keeping staff and visitors informed about what’s going on in their community.

Here are five ways local municipalities are currently utilizing digital signage technology to maximize productivity and increase community engagement.

1. Digital Wayfinding Signage

Anyone who’s ever stepped foot in a local government building knows how intimidating or confusing it can be to find your way around. With easy-to-navigate interfaces and intuitive maps, digital wayfinding services make it simple for visitors and employees to locate their destination quickly with the help of interactive, easy-to-use navigational features.

Digital wayfinding signage can also help reduce congestion in high foot traffic areas by providing detailed information about nearby amenities or points of interest.

2. Real-Time Emergency Notifications

In the event of an emergency, local municipalities need to notify everyone present as quickly as possible to avoid any potential risks. Digital signage in government buildings is a perfect medium to quickly send out emergency notifications in case of an unexpected event.

Keep employees and visitors informed about any potential safety concerns, provide immediate solutions or evacuation routes, and work toward reducing any confusion or anxiety.

3. Self-Service Opportunities

Any opportunity to provide self-service will help ease congestion within any local municipality. Digital signage displays are a great way for government buildings to provide self-service access for visitors looking to swiftly resolve their tasks, such as signing online forms, payment portals, scheduling appointments, and more.

Cutting down on lengthy lines and queues at customer service desks will not only decrease wait times, but also reduce stress and anxiety for both employees and visitors alike.

4. Community Promotion

Perhaps the most overlooked way local municipalities can use digital signage solutions to their advantage is to promote upcoming events or initiatives taking place within the local area. Through engaging visuals and interactive content, you can easily attract attention to all comings and goings taking place in the neighborhood.

Digital signage is also ideal for raising awareness to important deadlines or dates, such as voter registration or community enrollment programs.

5. Accessible Applications

Government buildings are visited by all walks of life, which is why they need to be equipped with the right technology that makes for a more inclusive, accessible visitor experience. Digital signage can be used to integrate with smartphone applications, and accessed through voice-activated devices or bilingual features to accommodate any visitor who has a disability or a language barrier.

Accessible features add a layer of interactivity for visitors and makes it easier for them to find the information they need as quickly as possible.

Custom Digital Signage Solutions From Oppna Digital

Digital signage technology provides an efficient way for local municipalities to ensure that communication remains effective within government buildings. At Oppna Digital, we help government buildings design and install easy-to-use digital signage displays that can help maintain order within municipal facilities.

Contact us today to request a demo of all of our digital signage solutions!

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