Catering Retail Strategies to Gen-Z Consumers

Catering Retail Strategies to Gen-Z Consumers

Who is this generation that continues to baffle businesses of all industries as to how to cater toward their consumer wants and needs? The tech-savvy, socially-conscious, digitally-rooted Generation Z currently makes up 26% of the global population, while also accounting for 40% of consumers here in the U.S.

But despite their growing emergence in various markets, most businesses operating within the retail industry are still scratching their heads when it comes to appealing toward this younger demographic.

So what exactly do Gen-Zers want out of their retail experience? Perhaps it’s not a matter of “guessing” what retail trends and solutions best align with Gen-Z needs, but more of a question of how retail outlets can go above and beyond to stand out to Gen-Zers amidst the competition?

That’s where the importance of interactive digital solutions comes into play; creating a more personalized, memorable retail experience that younger shoppers can not only relish, but spread the word about.

Here are a few retail strategies to consider when trying to cater to the already-arrived Gen-Z consumers.

Connecting Via Branded Content

Nowadays, it’s not so much your products or services you provide that define your company’s identity as it is the message, tone, and content that emphasizes your brand. Content design and development is essential to connecting with Gen-Z consumers, as this demographic strives to identify with retail providers on a personal level, rather than a consumer level.

Empowerment, inspiration, empathy; What exactly is the message and tone of your brand? That’s the question that Gen-Zers are asking from today’s retail industry, and defining your company’s unique voice will authenticate your presence to Gen-Z consumers.

When you define your company’s values and goals, you can reinforce these branded content beliefs within your stores through a variety of tactics, such as digital signage displays or interactive kiosk stations. The more thought-out and defined your content is, the more Gen-Z shoppers will align with your brand.

Mobile-Friendly Solutions

It’s no secret: Gen-Zers love their phones. That’s not meant to be a knock on Gen-Zers (essentially every generation is smartphone-obsessed at this point), but nobody truly implements their smartphone into their shopping experience quite like Gen-Z does.

For starters, every retail enterprise trying to better cater toward Gen-Zers should be significantly investing in mobile application development. Having your own app that permanently exists on one’s smartphone is what can keep your brand on someone’s mind, even when they’re miles away from your store or facilities.

Plus, it allows you to directly channel branded content toward them, whether it’s taking advantage of exclusive promotions and offers, or encouraging their enrollment in loyalty programs.

Incorporating mobile-friendly solutions into your retail experience is an absolute must when it comes to catering toward Gen-Zers.

Retail With a Cause

One thing that makes Gen-Z consumers stand out compared to older generations? They hold their brands accountable. For many Gen-Z shoppers, demonstrating loyalty or allegiance with a particular brand goes beyond the quality of products or customer service.

It has more to do with their relationship to the community, what causes or issues they support, or simply how they help make a difference in the world. From practicing sustainability to charitable donations, the better Gen-Zers feel about shopping with your brand, the more Gen-Zers you’ll be sure to attract.

Enhance Your Retail Strategies With Oppna Digital

It’s never a wrong time to reevaluate your retail and customer experience strategies, especially if you’re trying to appeal more to Gen-Z consumers. At Oppna Digital, we work directly with retail businesses to create a more personalized, interactive shopping experience, through a variety of technologies ranging from digital signage solutions to innovative wayfinding systems.

Contact us today to get in touch with our team of interactive media specialists!

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