How Digital Signage Can Improve Inclusion in Your Workplace

How Digital Signage Can Improve Inclusion in Your Workplace

Inclusivity and accessibility are top priorities for every workplace, regardless of what industry they operate within. Whether it’s ensuring your business is in full compliance with ADA regulations or providing a safe environment for all employees and customers, inclusion continues to be more emphasized in today’s workforce than ever before.

Digital signage is a perfect medium for promoting inclusivity and aiding in accessibility efforts. From showcasing guidelines and protocol to offering navigational digital wayfinding services, there are plenty of ways businesses can utilize digital signage technology to create a more inviting, accessible workplace environment.

Check out a few of the ways that digital signage solutions can help improve inclusion in your office, campus, or workplace.

Comply With ADA Regulations

Abiding by ADA standards for all digital signage installation will only work toward creating a more inclusive working environment.

Here are a few of the digital signage design aspects you should take into consideration for enhancing accessibility:

●        Make sure digital signage screens don’t protrude more than 4-5 inches from the wall they are installed upon.

●        Digital signage screens and displays should be sized between a minimum of 27” and a maximum of 80” in height.

●        Digital signage displays with a 15°-20° approaching slope installed will work best with wheelchair accessibility.

●        Try to avoid installing digital signage screens within close proximity of intruding objects or architectural designs, such as stairs, corners, plants, bathrooms, etc.

The more your digital signage displays comply with these guidelines, the more accessible these stations will be for everyone.

Install Wheelchair Accessible Screens and Content

Perhaps the biggest step toward more inclusive digital signage displays is ensuring that touch screens or interactive kiosk stations are completely accessible via wheelchair. Aside from ADA-approved height and sizing guidelines, you can try to incorporate more accessibility awareness within the content of your digital signage displays.

If you offer interactive wayfinding assistance, make sure that any navigational routing courses also include wheelchair accessible routes that inform the user which rooms, hallways, or other spaces in your workplace are best suited for their needs. Combining wheelchair accessible designs with handicap-conscious content will vastly improve inclusivity.

Accompanying Audio and Text Options

Implementing a variety of audio and captioning options into your digital signage content will ensure that people who are hearing or visually impaired can easily access these displays. Any typed out messages or visual content should have accompanying audio options to relay information, and custom text options such as text enlargement or subtitle features will make your content easier to consume with anyone who is hearing impaired.

In addition to these design elements, you’ll also want to take the contrast of colors and typography into account with your digital signage displays. Excessive colors or over-layering of text can be confusing or overwhelming to your visually impaired customers or coworkers.

Smartphone Compatibility

Nowadays, implementing smartphone compatible features into your digital signage design will make your workplace just about as inclusive as possible. Whether it’s providing users easy access to download your company’s mobile application or providing accessible QR codes to make any information mobile-friendly, smartphone synchronization will unlock more potential to accommodate customers and employees from all walks of life.

Enhance Your Digital Signage With Oppna Digital

Creating a more inclusive workplace requires attention to detail and installing the right accommodations. At Oppna Digital, we have vast experience in helping businesses create more accessible working environments through innovative digital signage technologies.

When you need custom digital signage solutions to enhance the functionality of your workplace, contact Oppna Digital today to learn more about our digital signage design process!

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