How Gen-Z Shoppers Engage With Digital Signage
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How Gen-Z Shoppers Engage With Digital Signage

With an estimated buying power of $143 billion in the United States alone, Gen-Z shoppers are a highly coveted demographic for retailers. The generation born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s already dictates various shopping trends and will continue to do so for many years to come.

For many retailers looking to better engage with Gen-Z shoppers, there’s still a bit of confusion about the best methods and practices of appealing to them. But it’s actually pretty straightforward when you think about it: As the first fully digital native generation, Gen-Z has grown up with technology seamlessly integrated into every aspect of their lives, including shopping.

This digital-focused upbringing makes digital signage displays an obvious choice to attract this demographic. Marketers have caught on, and digital signage is becoming increasingly popular to engage with Gen-Z consumers and capture their attention.

While their emergence as consumers is still evolving, there’s no denying the next generation’s staying power as an influential market. Businesses of all sizes should explore digital signage solutions to cater to Gen-Z’s shopping preferences.

Here’s what Gen-Z shoppers care about in a retail shopping experience!

Visual Aesthetics

Let’s start with the fact that so many Gen-Z shoppers are highly influenced by visual aesthetics. They have grown up in an era of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where engaging visual content is king.

As such, digital signage displays can capture their attention with visually stunning graphics, animations, and videos. In high-foot traffic areas such as the mall, implementing visually-stunning digital signage displays are a perfect way to catch the eye of your typical Gen-Z passersby.

These displays are an opportunity for retailers to showcase their products and promotions in a visually engaging way that will grab the attention of Gen-Z shoppers who are used to scrolling through social media feeds at lightning speed.

Cater to Technological Tendencies

It’s no secret that Gen-Z shoppers are tech-savvy and have grown up with touchscreens and other interactive technologies. Digital signage displays that offer interactive features such as touchscreens, smartphone synchronization, augmented reality, and virtual reality are especially appealing to Gen-Z shoppers.

These features provide a more immersive shopping experience, allowing Gen-Z shoppers to engage with products in a way that feels fun and personalized.

Showcase Your Company’s Values

Gen-Z shoppers value authenticity and are drawn to brands that align with their values. Digital signage displays that feature user-generated content or highlight a brand's commitment to social responsibility are especially appealing to this generation.

By showcasing user-generated content, retailers can create a sense of community and encourage engagement with their preferred brands.

Similarly, by highlighting a brand's commitment to social responsibility, retailers can appeal to Gen-Z shoppers' desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Emphasize Convenience

Gen-Z shoppers are always on the go and value convenience. Digital signage displays that provide information such as product details, prices, and digital wayfinding store maps can be especially helpful to these shoppers.

By providing this information in an easily accessible way, retailers can help Gen-Z shoppers navigate their stores and make informed purchase decisions quickly and efficiently.

Provide an Experience

Finally, Gen-Z shoppers value experiences over things. Digital signage displays that offer experiential features such as gamification, social sharing, and personalized recommendations can be especially appealing to this generation.

The right features create a sense of fun and excitement around shopping and can turn a routine trip to the store into a much more enjoyable, memorable retail experience.

Amplify Your Digital Signage Strategy With Oppna Digital!

At Oppna Digital, we help retailers create a more engaging shopping experience with custom digital signage solutions that offer visually stunning displays, interactive features, user-generated content, and accessible information.

There are so many ways retailers can capture their customers’ attention by exploring various digital signage strategies. Ready to cater to the needs and interests of your target audience?

Contact Oppna Digital today to schedule a consultation with our team of digital signage specialists!

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