How to Incorporate QR Codes With Your Digital Signage

How to Incorporate QR Codes With Your Digital Signage

From advertising opportunities to improving user experience, QR codes have emerged as an essential content component  for any digital signage display. With the scan of their smartphone, a user can download a restaurant menu, receive exclusive discounts from their favorite retail store, or follow a museum on social media.

QR codes don’t seem to be going anywhere either. Research shows that in 2012, 97% of consumers did not know what a QR code was, but QR code usage increased by 94% by 2020 and only continues to grow.

While QR codes are utilized in a variety of mediums, their usage in digital signage systems could be the most efficient platform to incorporate them due to their accessibility and expansive screen display. But to truly unlock its engagement potential, there are a few specific practices that will make implementing QR codes into your digital signage content more functional and easier to use..

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when incorporating QR codes into your digital signage displays.

Incorporate Instructions

Just because QR codes have rapidly evolved in popularity doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use them. Be sure to provide accompanying instructions on how users can open any displayed QR codes, as well as where that QR code is going to ultimately lead them to.

A short-written explanation of the QR code process will ensure that users of all ages and technology experience will be accounted for.

QR Codes


Calls to Action

In addition to instructions, you want to provide users with a compelling call to action (CTA) phrase or button that prompts them to scan the QR code on your digital signage display.

Think of your CTA as anything that can entice a passerby into learning more about a specific product, service, or opportunity, such as:

  • “Scan Here for 50% Off Your Next Purchase!”

  • “Scan Below to Download Our Mobile App”

  • “Schedule an Appointment by Scanning the Code”

  • “Scan the Code to Enter Our Sweepstakes Raffle!”

  • “Check Out our Weekly Specials by Scanning This Code”

Such verbiage essentially tells the user everything they need to know about why they should scan your digital signage QR code.

Captivating Graphics & Design

You want to know what won’t entice your customers into scanning a QR code? A plain, black and white QR code with little to no graphic design accompanying it!

Captivating graphics will only work toward motivating more people into utilizing your digital signage QR code, and adding a little more attention to detail will go a long way as far as customer engagement goes. Whether it’s dazzling colors, vibrant patterns, branded imagery, or custom photography, be sure to go that extra mile with your digital signage QR code display.

Relevant Branded Content

Every QR code needs a purpose, and that purpose is something that needs to mutually benefit both the user (customer) and the provider (business). That’s why any and all content a user downloads via QR code needs to not only be relevant with their needs, but have your company’s branding incorporated within the content.

For example, any business can create a QR code coupon, but that coupon should also possess a variety of branded content ranging from your company’s logo, social media links, email subscription opportunities, company backstory, etc.

No matter what content you choose to implement into your QR codes, be sure that it’s beneficial to your customer while reinforcing your brand.

Social Media Engagement

QR codes can serve as bridges between the physical world and social media platforms. Businesses can include QR codes on their digital signage to direct viewers to their social media profiles, encouraging them to follow, like, or share content.

For example, a restaurant could display a QR code that leads customers to their Instagram page, where they can post food photos, leave reviews, or participate in interactive contests. This can also help businesses better engage with younger generations with their digital signage displays. By integrating social media engagement through QR codes, businesses can expand their online presence, amplify their brand's reach, and foster a community of loyal customers.

Contactless Transactions

QR codes provide an efficient and contactless way to facilitate transactions. Restaurants, cafes, or retail stores can incorporate QR codes into their digital signage displays to enable customers to place orders, make payments, or access loyalty programs using their smartphones.

This streamlined process not only enhances customer convenience but also reduces wait times and promotes a safe and hygienic environment. Businesses can also customize QR codes to direct customers to their online ordering platforms or payment gateways, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction experience.

Contactless Transactions


Encourage Customer Engagement & Feedback

QR codes can be employed as survey tools to gather valuable insights and feedback from customers. Businesses can display QR codes on digital signage displays, prompting viewers to scan and participate in surveys or leave feedback about their experience.

This direct engagement allows companies to collect real-time data, measure customer satisfaction, and make data-driven product or service improvements. For instance, a hotel could display QR codes in the lobby, inviting guests to provide feedback on their stay, helping the management identify improvement areas and promptly address any concerns.

Simplified Maintenance & Content Updates

QR codes offer a dynamic way to update digital signage content without the need for manual changes. By embedding QR codes into digital signage displays, businesses can link them to specific web pages or content that can be easily updated remotely.

For example, a retail store can display QR codes alongside promotional offers, and when the promotion ends, the QR code can redirect customers to a new campaign or product launch. This flexibility allows businesses to keep their signage displays relevant and up to date, ensuring a dynamic and engaging customer experience.

Digital Signage Solutions from Oppna Digital

QR codes are just one of the many content management opportunities you can incorporate into your digital signage system. At Oppna Digital, we work one-on-one with companies from all industries to provide custom digital signage solutions that will increase brand awareness while providing an exceptional user experience.

When you need custom digital signage services, contact Oppna Digital today to get in touch with our team of digital signage software specialists! 

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