The Progression of Airport Wayfinding
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The Progression of Airport Wayfinding

Out of all the industries that require successful and accessible digital wayfinding signage systems, airports are arguably the most dependent enterprise on providing their customers with intricate, detailed navigational signage resources.

Over the past few years, wayfinding and digital signage technologies have rapidly evolved, allowing passengers to efficiently find their way around such extravagant environments with relative ease. From mobile app developments to interactive, multi-media billboards, the progression of airport wayfinding has continuously advanced in ways that were practically unimaginable just a decade ago.

While navigation remains the primary purpose behind much of the content created for wayfinding signage displays, the branding opportunities digital wayfinding can provide has also become a main focal point for content management. Through new wayfinding technologies, airports have shifted their mentalities more from solely catering to helping passengers get to where they need to go, to curating an interactive, personalized customer experience.

To get a better understanding of some of these drivers of change, take a look at the specific technologies that are leading the progression of airport wayfinding.

Interact & Inform

The origins of airport digital signage displays can be traced back to purely informative exhibits, intended for travelers to merely glance at to determine which direction they’re supposed to be heading toward.

Nowadays, intricate digital wayfinding systems combine information with interaction, to create a more aware and confident passenger that has the opportunity to fully explore the airport facilities for all they’re worth.

The integration of interactive kiosks has been a game-changer for airports. Designed for exceptional accessibility and ease-of-use, these interactive stations go beyond helping travelers find their desired gate, providing detailed information on all the outlets, restaurants, bars, and services passengers can take advantage of checking out.

With the touch of a screen, travelers can locate and route their ways toward the stores that best suit their current travel needs, providing them with a more customized consumer experience throughout their airport stay.

Mobile Integration

Another progressive trend within the digital wayfinding field is the emergence of mobile app integration. Airports who take the time to invest in developing their own smartphone apps can provide travelers with a synchronized, all-in-one resource for mapping their way around the facilities, as well as instantly locating any desired destinations along their way.

Passengers who download an airport wayfinding app will be provided with a renowned user experience, reaping the benefits of accessing a variety of navigational options and features on their phones, including:

●        Detailed mapping systems of entire airport layout

●        Custom routing to get to desired destinations

●        Listings of all restaurants, stores, or other services, along with accompanying descriptions

●        3D-touch screens that provide updates on flight statuses, or any essential traveling information

●        Track checked bags or receive notifications on luggage updates

●        Immediate customer service contact or emergency response services

●        Rewards membership programs to receive exclusive discounts and offers

The navigational and branding opportunities are practically infinite when airports invest in mobile app development services to better cater to their travelers.

Safe & Secure

Over the past year, personal health and safety has become more of a priority for passengers coming out of the COVID pandemic. This has become a huge motivator for airports to upgrade their wayfinding and digital signage systems, specifically to adhere to new safety guidelines and regulations.

Throughout the pandemic, navigating through airports has become more complicated and confusing for travelers, specifically because every new location they arrive in tends to have different rules and restrictions than where they came from.

Implementing more informative, accessible, and hygienic-friendly digital wayfinding displays is what will keep passengers more enlightened to safety protocols, so they can pay better attention to the safety and security of themselves and those around them. 

Custom Airport Wayfinding System Solutions

Creating a better user experience for travelers should be the highest priority for all airports. At Oppna Digital, we specialize in providing businesses in the transportation industry with the customized wayfinding system solutions they need to better navigate and inform their traveling patrons.

To learn more about how digital wayfinding can enhance your business operations, contact us today to request a demo of our services, or give us a call at 651-237-5677 to speak directly with one of our digital wayfinding specialists.

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