What Exactly Is an Interactive Digital Wayfinding Map?

What Exactly Is an Interactive Digital Wayfinding Map?

When you arrive at a large commercial facility, you’re there to find something. At a retail center, you’re looking to find a particular store. At a stadium, you’re trying to find your seat. At a hospital, you might need to find a doctor’s office or a loved one’s treatment room. What happens when you can’t find what you need? Frustration.

What does frustration cause? An unsatisfactory guest experience and ultimately, a lower likelihood of repeat visits. Fortunately, interactive digital wayfinding can provide a solution to this navigational problem. But how exactly? Read on to learn about digital wayfinding maps and how they work.

What Are Digital Wayfinding Maps?

Digital wayfinding maps provide interactive, easy-to-use, and simple-to-understand directions throughout a facility. Much like a mapping app you’d use to navigate roadways, an indoor digital wayfinding map is an interactive screen that helps your guests figure out exactly where they need to go.

Unlike traditional wayfinding, the digital version allows guests to interact with a touchscreen and view a visual representation of the path to their destination. Rather than static arrows or maps in central locations, digital wayfinding maps provide easy-to-follow, turn-by-turn directions throughout a facility. Even better, those maps can be set up for mobile integration, which allows users to send directions to their smartphone for even greater ease of navigation.

Typically, digital wayfinding maps, or rather, the kiosks that house them, are placed near facility entrances and in heavily trafficked areas throughout a location so guests can easily find them. With kiosks at an entrance, guests can immediately search for and find their destination in a matter of seconds. And as visitors conduct their business inside that facility, strategically placed digital maps in other locations can help them discover additional points of interest.

How Can Facilities Benefit From Wayfinding Maps?

Given their ease of use and ability to offer uncomplicated directions and other valuable information, digital wayfinding maps offer a range of benefits for many types of facilities. These advantages include:

●        Demonstrating an organization’s commitment to innovation

●        Reinforcing company branding and customer brand awareness

●        Improving guest satisfaction and reducing frustration

●        Reducing strain on human resources

●        Increasing employee engagement and productivity

●        Reducing unnecessary congestion in heavily trafficked routes

●        Sharing emergency information

●        Uncomplicated information updates

●        Providing information to supplement and improve the guest experience

Can Your Facility Benefit from Digital Wayfinding Maps?

Think your facility might benefit from interactive digital wayfinding? Contact Oppna Digital to find out. We specialize in providing end-to-end interactive digital wayfinding solutions that help businesses increase customer satisfaction and drive additional revenue. To learn more about our solutions and how they can help you, give us a call today at 651-237-5677, request a demo, or send us a message, and we’ll be in touch.

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