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Wayfinding Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Patients and guests have come to expect digital access to relevant information as a matter of convenience and speed. It has become the service expectation for all consumers in their daily lives. Hospitality self-check-in, online banking, venue ticketing, and restaurant menus via QR code scan are just a few examples.

More healthcare facilities are starting to realize the benefits of deploying digital applications across their campuses to enhance patient experiences, gain operating efficiencies, and promote services. At Oppna Digital, we are passionate about enhancing visitor experiences by implementing digital wayfinding solutions to accomplish just that.

Guide Patients & Visitors Through Your Facility With Ease

We design and install interactive digital wayfinding kiosks to help guide patients and visitors through your facility with the least amount of confusion or frustration. Our digital services allow search for a destination and interact with animated maps containing simple, intuitive directions.

Our team members at Oppna Digital are wayfinding specialists with a highly collaborative discovery process. We utilize a unique combination of competencies and wayfinding subject matter expertise that results in optimal outcomes.

Elevate Your Brand

When it comes to the look and feel of your wayfinding solution, we work hard to ensure the design fits in with the aesthetics of your space. We approach every solution with a focus on great UX and UI design that adheres to your brand standards.

Smart Search Function

Our corporate wayfinding solutions make it easy for visitors and staff members to search for a variety of destinations, including events, offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, and public workspaces.

Multi-Channel Options

You can choose to provide your wayfinding service on a kiosk, added to your mobile app, added to your website, and/or via a QR code scan.

Hardware Expertise

Whether it is a floor stand or wall mounted kiosks indoors or outdoors, we will identify and deploy the right size, look and feel.

Customized User Interface

No two hospital floor plans are the same. That is why we design and build a highly intuitive solution for your guests to navigate the publicly accessible areas of your location.

Dynamic Mapping Application

Our software’s smart search function allows visitors to search for anything from an amenity like ATMs or a department to a doctor’s name. Once they have found their destination, an interactive, animated map displays the best possible route, including route options with ADA accessibility.

Content Management System

Whether we integrate with your CMS or deploy ours, our solution allows you to easily administer updates in real-time as what is housed in offices, suites, and rooms changes over time.

Analytics Package

We provide custom analytic reports that track your patient's digital interactions and experiences, so you can adjust accordingly with any noticeable trends or areas of improvement.

Implementation & Support

While our service offering includes best-in-class software solutions, we are also a strong service organization and our enduring customer relationships reflect that.

We take pride in helping our healthcare clients provide the best wayfinding experience possible to all visitors of their facilities. Be sure to check out our work to get a better feel for all of the digital services we have to offer!

Achieve All Your Healthcare Wayfinding Objectives

As healthcare providers, you need to achieve extremely specific business objectives in a digital wayfinding deployment. That’s why we offer one-on-one consultations to ensure your wayfinding design features are exactly as you envisioned them to be.

Here is what you can expect by taking advantage of all of Oppna Digital’s wayfinding solutions:

  • Reduced patient, guests, and staff stress and frustrations related to navigation
  • Increased staff efficiency, productivity, and synergy
  • Increased revenue driven by customized marketing messages triggered by specific searches
  • A wayfinding platform that can be seamlessly integrated with your overall digital strategy
  • Blue dot navigation tracking the individual as they go along the route to their destination
  • Cater to the needs of individuals by offering content in multiple languages, ADA accessibility, and more
  • Digital mapping data that can be utilized across multiple channels, solutions, and integrations
  • Personalized and customizable wayfinding rules for events, construction, and maintenance
  • Insights gained on how space and assets are being used for resource planning
  • Business intelligence insights that drive operational and marketing strategies

Redefine Your Healthcare Wayfinding System With Oppna Digital

We look forward to an introductory meeting to discuss your digital strategy and assess all of your wayfinding and digital signage options! Call us at 651.237.5677, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with our wayfinding team today.

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