Union Depot

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Union Depot is a historic building on the St Paul, MN Mississippi riverfront covering 33 acres. When its executives decided it was necessary to overhaul their signage, they quickly pinpointed two key aspects that would be needed for the revamp.

The first was multiple types of digital signage solutions, including stationary wayfinding kiosks, mobile wayfinding kiosks (to be placed around the facility for a variety of different events), advertising screens, and train/bus schedule screens. These all needed to fit the historical aesthetic of the space. There were also outdoor train and bus platforms requiring outdoor hardware.

Wayfinding Solutions Engineered for Results

Along with the various hardware needed, Union Depot also wanted a content management system tailored for its own needs that would be intuitive and easy to use. Our team listened carefully and developed a variety of digital solutions to resolve every need of the client.

With the help of various partners, we were able to develop six stationary wayfinding kiosks, two free-moving wayfinding kiosks, six advertising screens, and 15 screens used to display the train and bus schedules at Union Depot. Every single one of the 29 solutions is managed on one customized content management system built specifically for the client and its business objectives.