Leadership Team

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Scott Morrow

Chief Executive Officer
  • First Job: Golf caddy during high school summers
  • Passionate About: Highly competitive in sports, business, games, everything
  • Favorite Movies: The Shawshank Redemption and Hoosiers
  • Significant Achievement: My wife and I fostered a family of 3 children for 4 years while supporting their parents to get to a point where they were re-granted custody.

Cher Manowski

Chief Experience Officer
  • First Job: Taught piano lessons
  • Passionate About: Baking, shopping and travel
  • Favorite TV Show: Flipping Out
  • Significant Achievement: Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia

Telly Masse

Chief Solutions Officer
  • First Job: News reporter at KMSU Radio at Minnesota State University
  • Passionate About: Travel, electric cars and golf
  • Favorite TV Show: Malcolm in the Middle
  • Significant Achievement: Traveled to 23 countries (so far)!

Dawn Lunde

Chief Revenue Officer
  • First Job: Grocery store cashier
  • Passionate About: Travel, outdoor activities, concerts and wine
  • Favorite Book: Alpha Girls
  • Significant Achievement: Finished the Twin Cities Marathon (technically…in reality, I helped my cousin by running alongside her for the last 7 miles)

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