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Retailers Get More With Wayfinding Solutions

At Oppna Digital, we provide large retailers with interactive wayfinding platforms specifically designed and installed with your customers’ needs in mind. Our wayfinding solutions help build trust and authority with your consumers by integrating mobile, desktop, and kiosk-based access to your store, both indoors and outdoors. Also enjoy the possibility to integrate inventory to allow for product-level search and navigation.

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Engage With Your Customers Like Never Before

All of the digital services we provide are completely customized to suit your company’s goals and objectives. Our team can implement wayfinding solutions that showcase directions and promotions to the most specific product SKUs while providing a personalized shopping experience delivered in the communication channel the customer prefers.

Our interactive digital wayfinding kiosks do more than enhance the shopper experience; they deliver an impressive ROI by:

  • Delivering search for over 100,000 key words, product categories, or designers.
  • Integrating with your advertising to display content, commercials, banner ads, and custom messaging.
  • Adhering to your brand and style guide with pixel-perfect execution.
  • Displaying your competitive differences and unique offerings so your location stands out from the competition.
  • Engaging shoppers with custom directory software and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Offering customized CMS to make updating and managing your content easier with consistent messaging across multiple digital channels.
  • Providing omni-channel solutions to ensure seamless experience at all shopper touchpoints, from mobile app development to desktop and in-store resources.
  • Customizing interactive kiosk enclosures that also match the aesthetic of your environment.

Introducing a digital wayfinding solution in your store allows your brand to boost your customer service efforts, increase upsell opportunities, and promote your brand – all with one solution. Be sure to check out our work to get a better feel for what our wayfinding services can do for your business!

Wayfinding Solutions: Personalizing the Shopping Experience

Shoppers feel welcomed with personalized interactive kiosks, which display intuitive features and functions that guide the user to the information they want in seconds. When you partner with Oppna Digital and our team of retail experts, we create your retail wayfinding solution with a comprehensive software platform for your specific needs by taking the time to discover what items and features your store needs.

Each solution we create is suited to your business objectives and provides the best functionality for your users. And our team will be sure to specifically focus on creating great UX and UI design, with an added emphasis on designing a solution that fits with your company’s brand standards.

Stop settling for anything less than the best! Give us a call 651.237.5677 when you’re ready to schedule a demo, or contact us online to have any of your wayfinding-related questions answered by our technical team.

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