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Wayfinding Solutions for Corporate Campuses

Enhance your company culture and improve productivity with digital wayfinding solutions from Oppna Digital! Our interactive wayfinding kiosks allow employees, clients, vendors, and other visitors to search for anything from an event or conference room to a specific printer and receive clear directions to their destinations based on the shortest route from their current location.

This technology not only saves valuable time, but also creates a more innovative and connected work environment. Contact us today to get started on implementing our innovative digital services into your current operations!

Connect Your Workplace Like Never Before

Offering digital wayfinding solutions will provide attention-grabbing ways to communicate information corporate-wide. You can share announcements, alerts, and event information, recognize excellence, and even request employee feedback, all with one solution.

Imagine having the ability to get directions to your next meeting, locate a restroom along the route, view details of an upcoming seminar, and check out the lunch menu – all in one, quick stop!

Check out some other key benefits of our corporate wayfinding solutions:

  • Visitors and employees can use wayfinding solutions to find offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, and public workspaces.
  • Corporate wayfinding solutions provide opportunities to attract and retain talent with a motivating and productive work environment.
  • Corporate wayfinding solutions improve employee collaboration with productivity through a connected and interactive workspace.
  • Incorporating digital signage with wayfinding technology in your space helps create a dynamic environment that satisfies the needs of a mobile-agile workforce.
  • The ease of integration with event management or conference room software improves staff efficiency by allowing personnel to keep multiple systems updated using only one solution.

Smart workplaces begin with smart technology. Be sure to check out our work to see some of our wayfinding and digital solutions for yourself!

How Can Wayfinding Revolutionize Your Workplace?

At Oppna Digital, we equip our clients with digital solutions that are specifically engineered to improve communication and increase productivity. Each system we create is designed to fit the specific needs of your business. Our wayfinding kiosks can deliver regular reports that are relevant to your objectives, while your team can leverage the geo-spacial data and indoor mapping and location analytics to improve the workplace.

We can incorporate a wide variety of desired functions and features.

Elevate Your Brand

When it comes to the look and feel of your wayfinding solution, we work hard to ensure the design fits in with the aesthetics of your space. We approach every solution with a focus on great UX and UI design that adheres to your brand standards.

Smart Search Function

Our corporate wayfinding solutions make it easy for visitors and staff members to search for a variety of destinations, including events, offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, and public workspaces.

Indoor Mapping

Transform your office into a powerful and dynamic workplace with Oppna Digital's digital mapping and location platform! Once the user has selected a destination, an animated map and clear instructions guide the way, eliminating corporate wayfinding headaches while improving efficiencies.

Send-to-Phone Capabilities

We can add additional features to support corporate wayfinding, including a function that sends directions directly to a user’s smartphone, allowing them to navigate on the go.

Other possible functions include an option for the user to share their location with others or a mobile app that allows users to track their locations throughout the building in real-time.

Advanced Analytics

Corporate wayfinding allows you to track how long it takes for your employees and visitors to fulfill their navigating needs, along with other useful data and analytics. We track every touch, from what buttons are being used to what search terms are the most frequent, and use those insights to continually improve your wayfinding solution.

Let’s Start a Conversation

When you work with Oppna Digital to create your solution, the possibilities only increase from there. We can incorporate all types of features and functions to boost company culture, improve operations, and increase employee satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule a demo!

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