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Digital Solutions for Your Business

At Oppna Digital, we’re passionate about creating innovative digital solutions that solve problems and generate new opportunities for our clients. Whenever we partner with a new client, our key focus is determining how we can enhance its guest experience as part of a digital technology expansion, while utilizing the technology as a "hub" for multiple integrated solutions.

Our process is highly collaborative; we seek to be an extension of your organization.


Before we can design a solution for your organization, we must obtain a clear definition of guest experience expectations. The most effective way to do this is through guest and key stakeholder surveys.

We interview multiple people that interact with your space in a variety of ways, from the head of guest services to your marketing team. If you already have a solution in place, we’ll monitor it for several hours and talk to users about its functionality.


With the vast amount of information we obtain during the discovery process, combined with your brand guidelines and expressed desires, we design and develop a synergistic software/hardware solution. Our team focuses on how to enhance your guest experience, increase revenue opportunities, and provide an intuitive design. Read more about our wayfinding solutions here.


Our seamless, pain-free implementation process is professionally managed with clear milestones, accountability, and regular updates.


Once your solution is up and running, we track every touch on every screen —from which buttons are being used to which search terms are the most frequent. We use this information to continually improve the solution experience and provide you with reports of relevant analytics. We also perform regular “health checks” to identify issues before your guests experience them.

Your 24/7 Digital Wayfinding Support Team!

This work never ends—we are a true partner and will continue to support your solution moving forward. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 651-237-5677, or contact us online!