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Wayfinding Solutions for Mall Management/REITs

Introducing digital wayfinding solutions to your shopping center allows you to boost your customer service efforts, increase revenue opportunities, and promote your brand – all with one solution!

At Oppna Digital, we help malls better cater to their customers’ needs by implementing innovative digital services into their existing operational platforms. Contact us today to get started!

Boost Engagement With Your Shoppers

In today’s world, shoppers can go online to find what they’re looking for in seconds and make a purchase with just one click. In order to compete with this streamlined shopping experience, malls need to provide an engaging environment that people actually want to visit and interact with.

Oppna Digital can help you deliver by installing interactive digital wayfinding kiosks designed to enhance the guest experience in a variety of ways, including:

  • Engaging shoppers, diners and visitors with custom mall directory software
  • Helping visitors shop, dine, stay and play
  • Personalizing the shopper experience to their interests
  • Ensuring seamless experiences at all shopper touchpoints via omni-channel accessibility
  • Delivering exceptional retail environment through connect tenants to shoppers
  • Leading interactive wayfinding system with text to phone turn by turn directions
  • Product level search capabilities with navigation to the tenant that has that item in stock.

Innovative Digital Service Features & Functions

Shoppers feel more welcomed with interactive kiosks, which display intuitive features and functions that guide the user to the information they want in seconds. When you partner with Oppna Digital to create your mall wayfinding solutions, we provide the most comprehensive software for your facility’s specific needs by taking the time to discover what features and functions are most needed in your space.

To do so, we like to conduct guest and stakeholder surveys. We interview people who work and interact with your space – from the head of guest services to customers – to identify issues and opportunities to enhance the guest experience. Oftentimes, many people are frustrated by the same issue in a mall, such as difficulty finding the restrooms or exits to the parking garage.

By identifying the main “pain points” in your facility, we are able to tailor your user interface to provide the right solutions for your shopping center.

Elevate Your Brand

When it comes to the look and feel of your wayfinding solution, we work hard to ensure the design fits in with the aesthetics of your space. We approach every solution with a focus on great UX and UI design that adheres to your brand standards.


Aside from enhancing the guest experience, mall wayfinding kiosks also provide valuable digital advertising space. Digital ads are displayed with pixel-perfect animation, directing your guests to the latest promotions and driving sales. Wayfinding can then be invoked via a sensor in the kiosk or touch.


Dynamic mapping options make it easier to navigate your space, so guests can spend less time finding their way around and more time enjoying the shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Creative Design

As an end-to-end developer, Oppna Digital offers an all-in-one wayfinding solution for your mall, which includes creative services. Our in-house creative team has knowledge about design best practices that will make it easier for your customers to journey through the wayfinding experience.

The solution will incorporate your company’s font, colors, logos, etc. to continue to add extra value to your brand.

Content Management

Learning the interface of a new technology doesn't have to be frustrating or challenging. Our intuitive and easy-to-navigate content management system is tailored to your specific needs and dependencies.

With our CMS, your team will be able to manage all of your maps, content, and advertisements with ease, providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to keep your directories updated at all times.

Send-to-Phone Capabilities

Adding a QR code scan and/or text-to-phone function to your wayfinding solution can further improve the guest experience. With this option, a guest visits the wayfinding kiosk, selects a destination in the mall, and then can choose to have directions sent to their smartphone.

Each Oppna Digital solution is created to suit your business objectives and provide the best functionality for your users. Our team focuses on creating great UX and UI design, with added emphasis on designing a solution that fits with your company’s brand standards. Check out some of our work here, and give us a call at 651.237.5677 when you’re ready to schedule a demo!

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