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Oppna Digital provides a turn-key integrated digital signage platform designed to evolve with developing technologies. Our signage platform creates a completely custom, full-service solution utilizing a keen focus on user experience in both design and development.

Software Solutions

Robust CMS

We spend time getting to know your needs and business objectives to create a custom content management system that is intuitive and not complex to learn. Already have a system? Our CMS can be seamlessly integrated into your current system or replaced altogether!

  • Easily develop and leverage templates
  • Schedule content
  • Proof of Play reporting


Our digital signage solutions provide the platform for businesses of all industries to easily create and centrally manage deployment of these digital experiences, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and audience preferences in real time.

  • Use any media type (text, video, image, audio, RSS feeds)
  • Folder-based content storage
  • User permissions for portions of a screen(s) up to groupings of screens

Control the Messaging

Our customized content management system makes it easy for you to update or swap out content when necessary. We design the system to fit your businesss specific needs and dependencies with no unnecessary steps or features, so you can control your branded content as you please!

  • Create groupings of screens for user access and management
  • Screen takeover when needed
  • Offline-first method so never a black screen

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From software development to hardware integration, we provide our clients with all-in-one digital solutions designed specifically with your industry and clientele in mind. To schedule a consultation with our digital signage specialists, call us today at 651.237.5677, or fill out our contact form for more information!

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