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At Oppna Digital, we bring your concepts to life. Our custom web apps combine the latest technologies and features with intuitive UX and UI design and pixel-perfect animation. Our dynamic online applications let your user perform tasks and manipulate elements in a highly interactive way.

Software Solutions

Eye Catching Design

Looking to build a web app that’s sure to dazzle your customers? Our expert web designers will be able to reflect all the branding elements you want incorporated into your web app, while providing you with a design that will be sure to impress all those who click upon it.

  • Robust discovery process to inform design
  • Brand standards utilized
  • Stylized icons, illustrations and animations

Build & Iterate

At Oppna Digital, we understand how important it is to design a web app that’s not only built to last, but built to grow. Our system integration testing process will ensure that your new web app will be seamlessly integrated into your current operations.

  • Thorough QA and UAT
  • Evaluate usage data to inform ongoing changes
  • Integrate third party software
Hardware Solutions

Keep Users Engaged

As much as you want a web app that looks and performs its best, you also want to feature interactive content that engages your users and connects them to your brand. Our CMS platforms are designed to make your web application as engaging as possible!

  • Develop ways for more meaningful interaction
  • Offer helpful tools
  • Build brand loyalty

Seamless Vibe Between Physical & Digital

Just as the appearance of your space affects your customers' perception of your brand, so does the appearance of your company’s digital place of business. Therefore, it is vital to your brand that you have an up-to-date virtual presence.

Nowadays, consumers engage with a brand before ever interacting with them personally. How will you captivate their attention and meet their needs for personalization, research, immediacy and connection? With an engaging web app!

Ready to get started with designing your company’s new web app? Call us at 651.237.5677 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our web application development specialists.

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