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Redefining Digital Wayfinding Experiences

A map is not wayfinding. Instead, we design an intuitive application that allows users to search for their destination in a variety of ways - open search bar, high level categories, sub-categories, by distance, alphabetical and more. Only once a destination is selected do we display a map, the navigational steps to that point of interest and nuanced helpers like language translation, a ‘go this way’ indicator, ability for the user to take the navigation on their phone, and more!

Software Solutions


We provide our clients the most comprehensive software for your specific needs. Our software includes a tailored user interface, advanced analytics, interactive mapping, send-to-phone capabilities, languages and numerous other features.

  • Fully branded to your organization
  • Superior Design
  • Integrate third party software


Benefit from our strong relationships with several hardware manufacturers, including panels, touchscreen, metal fabricators and more. We’ll make the ideal hardware recommendation to meet your look, feel, and size needs to be appropriate for the environment.

  • Large directories
  • Personalized kiosks
  • Sensor for advertising/wayfinding blend of content
Hardware Solutions

Content Management

Our intuitive and easy-to-navigate content management system is custom designed to fit your business’ specific needs and dependencies. With no unnecessary steps or features, our CMS eliminates confusion and saves employees time and energy!

  • Manage tenant records
  • Upload and run attract loops
  • Analytics to inform ongoing changes

Take a look at our work and see our digital wayfinding technology in action!

Interactive Wayfinding Benefits

Today’s consumers follow their own paths and expect you to anticipate their wants and needs. Interactive digital wayfinding is an innovative way to communicate with your guests and provide a more enjoyable experience while they are in your space.


Interactive wayfinding provides immediate information at the user’s fingertips and reduces the requirement for staff to assist in directing visitors to their desired locations.

Enhanced User Experience

Customers feel welcomed with interactive digital wayfinding kiosks, which display custom features and functions that guide the user to the information they want in seconds.

Your visitors will have a more positive experience when they don’t feel frustrated as we allow the user to filter large lists of items alphabetically, so they can not only find what they want but also discover other things in the property they might not have considered or known about otherwise – ideally boosting the experience for the length of their stay.

Data and Analytics

Digital wayfinding allows you to track how long it takes for your customers to fulfill their navigating needs, along with other useful data and analytics. You can apply this information to enhance your marketing and user experience efforts.


We design kiosks that are handicap accessible by following guidelines for height, depth, placement, and forward and side reach limits. Additionally, you may decide to offer content in multiple languages.


In today’s market, we are finding interactive digital wayfinding is becoming less of a “wow” factor and more of an expected feature at many public facility locations. Our strategy is to provide a rich user experience, as well as complementary cross channel digital media for advertising, announcements, and/or educational content.

Call us at to schedule a demo of any of our digital wayfinding services, from interactive wayfinding kiosks to mobile app development.

One-of-a-Kind Solutions

Oppna Digital has developed custom interactive wayfinding solutions for many major organizations. In one example at one of the largest malls in the world, the wayfinding kiosks reduced the average time it took for guests to find where they were going from three and a half minutes to less than 40 seconds!

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn how digital wayfinding technology can enhance your business.

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