3 Tips for Increasing Audience Engagement With Digital Signage

3 Tips for Increasing Audience Engagement With Digital Signage

One of the foremost reasons business owners turn to digital wayfinding and signage solutions is to boost audience—a.k.a customer—engagement. In an age when many of your customers would prefer to bury their noses in a digital device than converse face-to-face, digital solutions are no longer a novel option—they’ve become a necessity.

Because audience engagement is so crucial for any organization’s long-term success, our team at Oppna Digital is always willing to help you refine your digital approach. If you’ve already implemented a digital wayfinding solution for your business, or even if you’re still in the contemplation stage, here are a few tips to help you boost audience engagement with your brand and facility

Identify Your Target Audience

Without knowing who’s going to be consuming your content, it’s impossible to target your messaging accordingly. If you already know who your target audience is, you’ve taken the first step toward success. But if you don’t know who you’re trying to communicate your message to, it’s time to start researching. First, you’ll need to collect basic information about your target demographic, such as:

●        What is the age range of your target audience members?

●        What race are you targeting? More than one?

●        What gender(s) are you speaking to?

●        What is the marital status of your prospects?

●        What level of education has your target audience completed?

●        What kind of work do they do? What is their income level?

●        What are they interested in? Do they have distinct hobbies or affiliations?

The best way to reach and engage your target audience is to approach them on their level, with information they’re actually interested in consuming. So how do you go about gathering this kind of information? Simple: You ask! Try creating brief, periodic surveys that capture your audience’s changing interests over time and implement the information you gather into your digital content strategy and design.

If you deploy an EID solution we have automated solutions for tracking guests demographic details. We are able to track age, gender and race through our solution that can assist to identify who is actually visiting and determine if your advertising and messaging is actually delivering the desired target audience. Let’s talk to find out more.

The Wayfinding Plus platform can include surveys, inserted into the users journey. These surveys can cover a variety of feedback mechanisms including kiosk and wayfinding effectiveness, location cleanliness, marketing messaging to name a few. The survey solutions does increase average session length yet when done correctly, provide actionable customer feedback and engagement.

Master Your Targeting

When you know more about who you’re attempting to reach, you can tailor your content strategy accordingly. Keep in mind that not every member of your audience will respond to the same style of content or even the same distribution channel, so you’ll need to create targeted, engaging content for each audience group and publish it in the appropriate channel.

For example, if you’re targeting a broad age range of unmarried women, within that age range, you’ll likely find that some women prefer consuming app-based content, while others prefer interacting with web-based content. You might also find that certain age groups routinely consume content during different times of day.

As such, you’ll need to locate the best place to attract specific audience members and schedule your content to post at peak times when you know those individuals are likely to see and engage with it. Plastering a given message across every screen, all day long, won’t be nearly as effective as scheduling specific content on specific channels at specific times. And, if you notice a lull in engagement, try tweaking something simple—like screen placement, for example—to make your message appear more attractive, fresh, and interesting.


Make It Aesthetically Pleasing

If your content is blasé, it won’t get a second look. Or, worse, it won’t attract attention at all. And, if your target audience isn’t looking at your content, how can they engage with it? If you aren’t terribly familiar with design best practices, it’ll behoove you to research things like color, sizing, contrast, fonts, and positioning as they relate to content development. And, once you’ve determined how you’ll design and structure your content, you’ll need to make sure those choices remain consistent across each component of your design.

Keep in mind that images and video content tend to attract more attention than text, so the more visuals you can incorporate in your content, the better your chance of attracting viewers. Just make sure you’re using visuals to support and augment your message, not distract from it. 

Our team has proven experts to assist in the design, creation and deployment of engaging content on any of our omni-channel Wayfinding Plus platforms.


Oppna Digital: Your Source for Custom Digital Signage Solutions

At Oppna Digital, we’re redefining digital signage and wayfinding through custom, full-service solutions that enhance your guest experience and boost your bottom line. Whether you’re looking to implement digital signage, interactive digital wayfinding, or mobile-friendly applications to enhance your business, we’ll help you do it. To learn more about our end-to-end digital solutions, give our team a call at 651-237-5677 or connect with us online. Ready to see what our solutions can do for you? Feel free to schedule your demo today!

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