4 Reasons Digital Wayfinding Can Boost Your Corporate Sustainability
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4 Reasons Digital Wayfinding Can Boost Your Corporate Sustainability

As we venture further into the 21st Century, the need for implementing more corporate sustainability solutions into our everyday business operations strengthens. From eliminating paper waste to practicing proactive recycling, there are plenty of little ways businesses from all industries can make a big difference when it comes to contributing to environmental sustainability.

Sustainability can also be incorporated into your digital wayfinding strategies as well. And with 77% of American consumers reporting to be more motivated to purchase from businesses that are actively committing to corporate sustainability, implementing more eco-friendly wayfinding and digital signage design work should be a top priority for every company or organization.

But how do sustainability and digital wayfinding co-exist? Check out these four eco-friendly reasons that digital wayfinding can help boost your company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

1) Eliminate Paper Usage

Here are four quick statistics that illustrate just how important it is to cut down on our paper usage and consumption:

●        Global paper consumption has steadily increased by over 400% in the last 40 years.

●        The U.S. uses an average of 68 million trees per year for producing paper and paper products.

●        Paper usage has continued to rise in the last 20 years from 92 million tons to 208 million tons, equating to a growth of 126 percent.

●        The paper production industry accounts for the fifth largest consumer of energy.

Businesses from all industries need to start doing their part to reduce paper dependency. Switching over to a digital wayfinding solution, as opposed to resorting to paper flyers, billboards, posters, or other paper-produced wayfinding materials, is a crucial step toward better sustainability.

2) Lower Energy Consumption

One of the biggest technological advancements in recent years has been the reduction in power usage and CO2 emissions with modern, digital flat screens. Most digital signage displays today feature LED and LCD screens, which are notable for their low energy consumption and battery drainage. They also feature a variety of energy-efficiency features, ranging from automatic brightness adjustments and scheduled ‘sleep mode’ options, allowing companies to drastically reduce their energy consumption while still providing ample navigational and informational resources for users.

3) Solar-Powered Capabilities

As more and more businesses are utilizing outdoor digital signage displays to keep guests informed and steer them in the right direction, solar-powered screens have also gained more momentum as a sustainable wayfinding solution. In recent years, more cities have turned to implement more solar-powered digital wayfinding designs into their operations, including the city of Boston, which instituted one of the first solar-powered, interactive digital wayfinding systems to help guide its citizens.

4) Long-Lasting Performance

When all of these sustainable wayfinding practices are put into action, the final product is longer-lasting digital wayfinding systems that are specifically designed with eco-friendly solutions in mind.

With proper wayfinding maintenance and support, your digital signage display can last for thousands of hours on end, while still lowering your overall energy consumption levels through sustainable digital screen technologies. And best of all, digital wayfinding systems can be completely recyclable, meaning when you do ultimately have to part ways with any digital navigation displays, you won’t have to worry about contributing to landfill overflow when disposing of them.

Sustainable Wayfinding Solutions From Oppna Digital

Any progress is good progress when it comes to exploring more eco-friendly solutions into your everyday business operations. At Oppna Digital, we’re happy to review any and all sustainable digital wayfinding options that will better serve your clients and your community. Contact us today to request a demo of any of our digital signage or wayfinding services!

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