Digital Wayfinding and Time Efficiency: Increase Profits by Decreasing Stress

Digital Wayfinding and Time Efficiency: Increase Profits by Decreasing Stress

Digital wayfinding saves time. It’s a simple concept, yet one that can make a profound difference for any business. Why? Because poor time efficiency creates stress, and stress lowers your bottom line. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re dealing with; your organization will always benefit from time saved and the resultant decrease in stress. At Oppna Digital, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in time efficiency in a variety of organizations that have implemented our digital wayfinding solutions. And with more time, those organizations generated more profit. Curious about how wayfinding can help your business, too? Let’s take a look.


The Time-Stress-Profit Equation in Retail

In a brick-and-mortar retail setting, time is paramount. When shoppers spend significant time attempting to find or choose something, frustration ensues. What’s so bad about frustration? Frustration is a customer’s emotional response to stress. That stress might stem from the inability to locate a specific destination or feelings of overwhelm caused by excessive options. No matter where it comes from, it gradually causes the customer to shut down.


Stress reduces your shoppers’ attention spans, limits their decision-making abilities, and even prompts feelings of mental exhaustion. When they can’t make a decision, they don’t become paying customers, and you lose out on profits. So how do you change that?


The answer is twofold: provide the information that helps shoppers feel well-equipped to make a decision while eliminating excessive decision-making from the equation. In doing this, you’re essentially handing their time back, which reduces feelings of stress. And when shoppers are less stressed, they enjoy their experience and are more prone to purchase.


Digital Wayfinding: Decrease Time to Destination, Increase Time on Site

Shoppers can’t convert if they can’t find you! Unlike traditional signage, interactive wayfinding provides a simple, intuitive navigation system that eliminates confusion. In a matter of seconds, shoppers can search for a destination and learn the quickest route to their target. Dynamic mapping and text-to-phone capabilities then provide clear, turn-by-turn directions that reduce confusion and keep traffic flowing steadily through the facility.


Reducing the time to the destination doesn’t just satisfy shoppers’ needs; it also helps boost conversions by increasing the amount of time a shopper can spend on site. During each interaction with a digital wayfinding kiosk, retailers have multiple opportunities to increase time on site through features like:


●        Entertainment options that further engage shoppers

●        Targeted advertising, promotions, and contests

●        Education on products and services

●        Interactive shopping catalogs

●        Restaurant directories and menus

●        Local news, traffic, and weather information


The more stress-free time shoppers can spend inside your facility, the more they enjoy the experience. What do you get when you provide a better experience? Increased conversions.    


Digital Wayfinding Improves Employee Time Efficiency

Time efficiency doesn’t just apply to your customers; it applies to your employees, too. Interactive digital wayfinding allows staff to perform their jobs more efficiently because it reduces time spent orienting confused, frustrated shoppers.


The technology also responds to customer preferences by offering product suggestions based on historical purchase and interest data. Essentially, it sells the customer on personalized suggestions without requiring extensive employee input. With digital signage in place, your staff has more time on their hands to perform back-end tasks that keep retail operations moving.


Oppna Digital: Your All-In-One Digital Wayfinding Provider

Looking to boost customer conversions and increase profits? Our team at Oppna Digital can help. We specialize in developing custom wayfinding software, wayfinding strategy implementation, hardware procurement, and content management for large-scale facilities in a variety of industries. If you’re ready to learn how this incredible technology can transform your business, contact our team at 651-237-5677, or fill out this form to request your demo today!

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