How to know if your brand has captivating design
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How to know if your brand has captivating design

What does your design say about your brand? Are your customers attracted by the logo? Or are they drawn in by the content that is promised? How can you convey to them the content is worth viewing, let alone worth interacting and spending time on. In a lot of cases, your design *is* your brand and can quickly become the face of your company. One way you can ensure this is by bringing an omnichannel solution to the game like Oppna Digital. Consistent branding is an essential aspect of design and you need it to be similar across every channel. So why would you have more than one team covering your design? Let's get into some ways you can evaluate your brands design.

From the consumers eye

First take a step back and critically evaluate your design. Set it in front of you and create a mental checklist starting with your message. Separate your content from your design and look at the colors, the shapes, the movement, the speed. What do you initially feel? Is it on brand for your product? What does it tell you about your content? Nike's swoosh gives a feeling of speed, does your design or logo convey something? If it’s a digital wayfinding solution is it approachable or easy to use?

Content integration

Now bring your content back into the picture, does it fit the design? Does your information kiosk seem inviting and open or is it dark with some heavy doors nearby. Your message, design, and content all need to fit together. Now that your elements all work together you’re going to have to get them noticed! Take a look at your complete piece and imagine it in the real world. Is it a wayfinding kiosk displaying the correct interactive wayfinding menu?  Maybe you’ll need some brighter colors to make the enclosure pop out of the background and draw customers in; or change the brightness of the screens so they stand out from the actual enclosures. A large part of captivating an audience is getting them to notice it.


Now that you’ve drawn in your prefered audience and have them interacting with your content and design can they understand and interact with it? Is it accessible to people with disabilities? Even the slightest inconvenience can turn someone away from interacting with your product and system. You need to make sure every bit of your checklist has that green mark for accessing it. Run through the content yourself, does a video load in the wrong place? Does an ad play over some needed content? Do a trial run.

Feedback and change

Since you’ve experienced your design and content yourself and refined it to be not only attractive but also to keep you engaged. It’s time to try it out and gather your results! Put your new interactive kiosk out in the open, launch your app, publish your video and gather the results, the comments, the glitches and demographics! Then make the changes you need and the alterations you have to make. Use this feedback to enhance and improve your designs to further captivate your audiences in future situations.


Captivating design is a nebulous ideal that’s hard to pin down. But by sticking to a process and organically growing based on the feedback you can reach a level that deserves the attention it drives. What are some examples of captivating design you have seen around the world?

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