Post-Pandemic Access to Public Spaces: How Express REZ Helps Protect Public Health
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Post-Pandemic Access to Public Spaces: How Express REZ Helps Protect Public Health

As the United States economy begins the multi-phase process of reopening, facility and business owners must begin implementing social protection interventions to help curb the spread of Coronavirus. As the public gradually begins frequenting hospitality, retail, grocery, hospitality and entertainment establishments, the potential for contact with infected persons remains a significant concern.

At Oppna Digital, we deeply understand the severe impacts business owners have experienced as a result of the pandemic, as well as their urgent need to resume revenue-generating activities. Technology will no doubt become a key component in approaching this recovery period both safely and intelligently, but what might that entail? Today, we’d like to discuss how Express REZ, our ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind app, helps venue owners, staff, and patrons resume day-to-day operations while protecting their health.

Express REZ: What Is It?

Express REZ is a first-of-its-kind feature that allows business owners, employees, customers, and guests to align with social distancing guidelines while enjoying the opportunity to engage in a number of public activities. The technology is deployed via QR codes, website or mobile app and is available for both Android and IOS devices. So what does it do?

To comply with partial capacity guidelines set forth by the CDC, facilities can use the soution to easily control the number of on-site visitors in a particular location. Visitors and guests, on the other hand, can walk-up or schedule same-day reservations to visit a particular location, as well as make future reservations by securing time slots. Rather than waiting in line to enter an establishment, customers reserve a specific time slot, and upon entry into the building, the app confirms their arrival.

How Does Express REZ Work?

We understand business owners are committed to protecting both the safety of their staff and patrons. As such, Express REZ is designed with both parties’ needs in mind.

The solution, in combination with temperature screening technology, helps limit individuals’ exposure to infected persons in public environments. Moreover, it allows customers to plan ahead to protect their safety, while providing a more satisfying customer experience by reducing both infection-related anxiety and time spent waiting. Here’s how the technology works:

●        Customers can scan a QR code, visit the website or download the app to their phones and register their information.

●        Using the Express REZ tool, they may select a date and desired time slot for their visits. Upon agreeing to the terms and conditions, the reservation is created in the system and the individual receives a ticket reservation in the form of a QR code in the app. Customers have the option of inviting up to three guests to accompany them.

●        Venue personnel stationed at each of the facility’s open entrances use an app-based scanning tool to scan customers’ QR code tickets. QR code scanning helps protect against ticket duplication and ensures adherence to partial-capacity guidelines.

●        Ticket holders who scan at their schedules times will be given the green light to enter the building.

●        If a people counter is in place, the system will continually update as entrants access and exit the facility. If the number of people inside the building exceeds guidelines, no new entrants will be allowed. If the number of people inside the building has not reached capacity, customers without a reservation may be allowed to enter.

●        When a customers’ designated time slots approach expiration, they receive a notification thanking them for their visit and reminding them they have 30 minutes remaining.

Employees are also included in the overall headcount inside the building. Whether by store or department, management assigns the number of staff members allowed to work during a particular time slot. Those employees then receive a unique permanent QR code, which must be scanned to enter the building through “employee only” entrances. If any employee QR codes are shared or duplicated, the system receives a notification and pinpoints the location of the duplicate scan.

Deploying Express REZ Via Mobile App

Express REZ is fully integrable with a business’s existing mobile app, or it can be deployed via a new mobile app from our team at Oppna Digital. EID’s custom-built apps are part of our advanced mobile app platform that integrates a wide variety of features designed to maximize guest engagement and satisfaction, including:

●        Digital wayfinding

●        In-depth mapping integrations

●        Venue information, promotions, and events

●        Search and analytics

●        Customized user interface and integrations

●        Custom content management system


Whether your business already has an app or you need one built, implementing Express REZ is an essential measure in protecting your staff, your customers, and your profitability. Give your people peace of mind through technology designed with individual protection in mind.


Oppna Digital: Industry-Leading Mobile App Development & Wayfinding Design

At Oppna Digital, we know how critical the right technology is in the fight to recover during these challenging times. If you’re ready to discuss how Express REZ and our custom mobile app development can enhance your business and help protect your staff and patrons, request a demo or give our team a call at 651-237-5677. You can also get in touch with us via our contact form, and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly.

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