Revenue-Boosting Tech Options: Why Choose Digital Wayfinding?

Revenue-Boosting Tech Options: Why Choose Digital Wayfinding?

Interactive digital wayfinding is so much more than a digital map; it’s an all-in-one solution for driving customer engagement, increasing conversions, promoting brand awareness, and ultimately, increasing revenue. There isn’t a business alive today that isn’t constantly on the search for revenue-boosting opportunities, and in the tech landscape, the options are endless. So why choose wayfinding? At Oppna Digital, we know that digital wayfinding has the power to transform the way you operate your business and the results you achieve. What makes this technology a superior choice?


Streamlined Navigation

Wayfinding has always been the key to successful navigation. Many millennia ago, ancient man navigated the earth using signs from the land and heavens. Today, though mankind no longer relies on landmarks and constellations to guide its way, wayfinding is still very much a part of daily life.


When you enter a shopping mall, airport, museum, stadium, college campus, or any other large-scale facility, how do you know where to go? You follow the signs that point you toward your destination, and best-case scenario, you arrive where you intended. Worst case scenario? The static signage is inaccurate or confusing, and you end up in the wrong location altogether.


So why opt for digital signage when you could just stick with static installations? Because digital wayfinding makes the best case scenario better while virtually eliminating the inaccuracies and confusion. Interactive digital wayfinding streamlines your organization’s navigation through:


●        Intuitive, easy-to-operate user interface

●        Dynamic digital mapping that increases speed to destination

●        Text-to-phone capabilities that provide turn-by-turn directions

●        Bright, crisp, clear, and easy-to-read touchscreens

●        ADA routing


The less time people spend searching for their destinations, the more time they spend performing the actions that drive revenue. It’s this simple yet powerful concept that makes digital wayfinding such an essential tool.


Technology is Taking Over

It’s no secret that tech is trending, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Interactive digital wayfinding offers a unique opportunity to appeal to the tech-savvy younger generations through its intuitive user interface and responsive design. Predictive analytics further enhance the user experience by recommending products or services specifically tailored to each user’s historical preferences. In a retail environment, this technology is especially poignant since choice overload often spurs customer frustration and, ultimately, purchase abandonment. If a business can effortlessly steer a customer toward tailored products, they eliminate the overwhelm that often accompanies excessive choice. The result? Increased revenue.


Superior Adaptability

For many business owners, digital wayfinding’s infinite capacity for change is perhaps its most attractive feature. The technology reduces the amount of time and manpower necessary to perform signage and marketing updates, which translates to long-term cost savings. Beyond savings, owners have total control over when and how they update content. Most importantly, as an all-in-one navigation and marketing solution, digital wayfinding boosts business revenue by:


●        Building brand recognition through eye-catching, interactive displays

●        Fostering customer-brand engagement

●        Promoting products through scheduled campaigns

●        Advertising complementary products or services

●        Creating an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression


Contact Oppna Digital for Custom Digital Wayfinding Solutions

At Oppna Digital, we’re dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital signage solutions that help you take your business to the next level. We’ve developed interactive digital wayfinding for some of the most well-known facilities in the nation, including a large-scale project for the Mall of America, featuring over 100 touchscreen kiosks. To learn how this technology can transform your business, contact our team at 651-237-5677 to schedule your consultation. Ready to see our solutions in action? Click here to request your demo today.

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