3 Things to consider before installing Digital Signage.

3 Things to consider before installing Digital Signage.

Measuring success-

Before you even begin a project you have to know if it’s successful or not. A key part of this process is developing ways of measuring success like ROI or even redemption minimums and number of views. To do this you have to break down your objective into easily definable goals. Whether your flat out promoting items and services, or something more abstracted like improving employee morale through featuring relevant local news and events. How would you measure that? Questionnaires, employee interaction, productivity? Your measurement of success and how much time and resources it will take is something to consider in your investment. Will you have a dedicated team for it or a system in place?

Scale and audience-

How big is all of this going to be? You have to find the scale of your investment and the breadth of targeted viewers. Are you promoting a new product on a digital billboard, or are you providing a waiting room schedule at a single hospital? The level of engagement and involvement is relevant to your audience. This influences almost every aspect of your investment from screen size to content to measuring the success of your signage deployment. This is the key point that everything revolves around. So make sure you clearly define your target audience and where they will be.

Content strategy-

If the beginning of your plan was developing the scale of your audience, and the last part was figuring out how to measure your success. The middle peanut buttery part of the equation is your content strategy and it seeps into both pieces of bread...er..the scale of your audience and how you measure success. You have to develop your content strategy, that aligns with Brand messaging and voice with not only the format and audience in mind but also how you’re going to test your content against itself to develop and optimize your content in regards to how you measure success.

Come into the game with your content ready to go and ready for your audience and format. Get your analytics set and ready to read and report on how you’re measuring success. Make sure you have everything in hand before investing in digital signage. Oppna Digital is your turnkey solution for every step in the process. From integrating with pre-existing solutions to developing and creating a content strategy for your signage. 

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