3 ways to increase guests time on site

3 ways to increase guests time on site

The more time someone spends at your destination, the higher the chance of a conversion. Whether it’s purchasing something from a tenant or a happy patient is checked in and out seamlessly. It’s an obvious analytic that can be tracked very easily. But how do you increase this potential conversion factor? Increase the likelihood of conversion? Even make it easier or harder to notice on the guest experience. Let’s dive into 2 easy ways to increase time on site through wayfinding.

Personalized directions-

If you want someone to spend more time on-site, your best bet is to show them what they want and what you have to offer. With personalized directions function built into your kiosks, you have a number of ways to display the various services and store offerings your location has. When searching for their initial destination you can implement “edge engram” functions to display similar stores or services as the customer types in their destination name. This enticing feature can lead to new discoveries and even new products for the consumer. Additionally, why not insert an offer or promotion directly into the customer’s journey.

Mobile integration-

Why keep the customer at one of your touchpoints when you have the option to increase their search and conversion potential all across your site with mobile integrations. Not only is the customer reducing frustration by skipping any lines at your kiosks but their trust for your system is enhanced because of the system being on their personal device. This not only increases their conversion factor but also eases any frustrations which are a key deterrent to successful time on site. Mobile integration also adds increased search functionality and even off-site conversion factors such as online purchases or promotions.

Step by Step: Blue dot directions:

Blue Dot directions don’t just sound like an ice cream flavor it’s actually an interesting technology that can track the user’s position within your destination to offer customized offers or alerts. This is not only enticing but also collects data which can be used further on for more customized shopping experiences aiding in conversion rates and time on site. Combined with a mobile app for your destination you’re able to offer direct push notifications and updates to users mobile devices as they pass by stores they may have looked at online, or have a past interest in. Flash sales? Special events? Let users know about them in their vicinity and get them to stick around longer.


As you can see two simple integrations are all it takes to make someone more likely to hang around. But at its core time on site is made easier by reducing frustrations and pain points your customers would commonly encounter. While smoothing them out should be your prime concern providing other options to common services like mobile shopping options can increase conversions more than ever.

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