4 Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business Growth
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4 Ways a Mobile App Can Improve Your Business Growth

It’s no secret smartphones have taken over. 96% of Americans now own a cellphone, and out of that number, 81% rely on a smartphone for a wide variety of day-to-day tasks. If your business hasn’t developed a mobile app, you could be leaving substantial revenue on the table. At Oppna Digital, we’re mobile application development experts, and we believe any business can benefit significantly from the addition of a mobile app. Curious how? Take a look.

Builds a Stronger Brand

A strong brand is crucial to your success as a business owner, and mobile app development can work wonders to communicate your message and improve audience awareness. With a mobile app, you have the ability to provide on-demand information about your services, products, and any other relevant information that educates your audience.

Just as the distribution of flyers, brochures, and even business cards helps boost brand recognition, a mobile app does the same—but without the clutter. And since the vast majority of consumers won’t be found without their phones, an app improves your business’s visibility. Customers can carry your brand with them wherever they go.

Connects You With Your Customers

Consumers are loyal to specific brands because they feel a connection with that brand’s messaging. Your customers want to connect with you, and a mobile app allows them to do that in an efficient, easy-to-use way.

Mobile apps make customer engagement easier than ever by allowing you to personally address concerns, maintain relationships, and distribute important updates and news. Customers get increased access to your products and services, and you get increased access to your customers. It’s a win-win situation any way you look at it.

Provides Value to Your Customers

It’s no secret that customers follow value. When it comes to business success and beating out your competition, value is key. Creating a level of value your customer can’t get anywhere else will keep them coming back for more, and a mobile app can help you achieve that.

App-based loyalty programs are a great way to create value, as are exclusive app-based promotions, coupons, offerings, and information. These additions encourage users to take the first step by downloading your app. And when you offer to save them money or provide exclusive, valuable information, they’ll patronize you over your competitors.

Helps Your Business Stand Out

Most business niches are hyper-competitive these days, so anything you can do to position your brand above the crowd can go a long way in terms of revenue. While mobile business apps have recently grown in popularity, they’re still relatively rare. According to 2018 survey data, less than 50% of businesses have mobile apps, which means now is the time to get in early. By the time the rest of your market competitors catch on, you’ll have mastered your customer engagement and built a loyal following, giving you a larger chunk of the market.

Oppna Digital: Your Mobile Application Development Experts

At Oppna Digital, we approach every mobile app with a completely customized solution. If you’re looking to grow your customer base, improve loyalty, and increase your business’s revenue, we can help. Whether you’re looking to implement a mobile- or web-based app, our team of expert designers will work with you to meet the needs and desires of your customer base. To learn more about how a mobile app can help you grow your business, give us a call at 651-237-5677, or feel free to message us on our contact page.

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