Do I need wayfinding?
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Do I need wayfinding?

Wayfinding is at its core a tool. Tools can be used for a variety of purposes, some better than others. Screwdrivers make awkward hammers, you get the point. So when it comes to deciding on improvements for your property wayfinding can be a perfect tool if you need somethings done, really well. Otherwise, it may not be the best choice for your situation. Let’s look into a few things that wayfinding does really well in a broad sense.

You have a large property-

You probably need wayfinding. No joke. If you’re asking this question based on the size of your property and feel it’s too big to manage without some kind of directory, you need wayfinding. Wayfinding based on facility size is not only a great way to show people where to go but can be expanded considerably. Replacing old directories with systems that not only can be updated instantly but also provide alerts and other instant pieces of content. The entire experience for new visitors begins there, and can continue from there with expanded omnichannel touchpoints through mobile apps and even before they arrive with desktop and website integrations. It’s just a natural progression from digital kiosks to a full-scale solution.

You have a lot of retail-

Let’s face it, wayfinding is applicable almost everywhere, but retail is probably the biggest beneficiary. From entertainment options to multi-channel advertising and promotional information you’re not only telling guests where they want to go, but you’re also helping them go where you want them to go. You can create a living breathing destination for them, an entertainment center not a shopping center. Wayfinding reduces frustration considerably one of the prime enemies to generating conversions, while also offering multiple chances to increase time on site and.. You guessed it more conversions! Retail at its core can benefit from expanded wayfinding in many ways that other verticals cannot.

Your experience is time sensitive-

Wayfinding saves time. It’s simple really, it gets people from point a to point b while providing opportunities along the way. Every second count when someones trying to reach a flight or transport so it’s important to have the correct route with up to date directions. As before if you can see expansion in the future wayfinding is critical to transportation or other time-sensitive destinations. From emergencies to maintenance updates and notifications. Your visitors can be aware of what’s going on and what may affect them in their rush. You’re installing an adaptable and future-proofed system that can always deliver success to your visitors.


While wayfinding is multi-purpose and can be used in many situations it’s best to have it fully optimized before investing. If your situation falls into one of these situations it’s a good idea to consider wayfinding. But if you’re still on the fence or have questions reach out to us at CONTACT INFORMATION to see if we can offer a customized solution perfect for your situation.

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