Aligning Social Distancing: A long-term strategy
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Aligning Social Distancing: A long-term strategy

Social distancing strategy is to reduce the contact between people to stymie virus transmission with six to ten feet of separation and is the recommended solution to viruses according to the CDC. Over the next few weeks and months we will want to continue to use some form of social distancing while finding a sustainable way to support visitors’ requests and personalized services. According to Accenture Jean-Pierre Stephan prior to CORVO-19 pandemic, “As health consumers increasingly factor experience into their care selection decisions, the financial benefit associated with patient experience can only be expected to increase.”

So in today’s climate, how do we implement a long term solution that support and aligns with Social Distancing while providing an improved patient focused personalized communications technology platform? What are the key components of the long-term solution?

  • Platform to assist visitors before, during and after a site visit
  • Connect with visitors in their preferred communication channel
  • Deliver messaging, directions and upcoming events with self-service options
  • Align and meet CDC recommendations including virus transmission protocols.

These requirements can be met despite the challenges with a cost effective platform while meeting the visitors’ expectations of healthcare campuses. Personalized self-service options, in the visitors preferred communication channel, will improve their visit while supporting continued social distancing expectations.  Our forecasts indicate visitor expectations will increase after we come through the pandemic.

Here are a few healthcare options available that EID has deployed that align and meet social distancing guidelines and visitor expectations for personalization:

  • Self-serve kiosks with antimicrobial films: Wayfinding kiosks that include all pertinent information about the hospital, brand, location and daily events to assist visitors during their visit.
  • Antimicrobial films that inhibit the growth of both bacterial and fungal microbes can be deployed on touchscreens. Support by timely cleaning, this option can meet the CDC requirements
  • Send directions: Send the users personalized turn-by-turn directions to visitors mobile phone via SMS text message.
  • Event listing: Display the daily events taking place on campus including all public or university meetings.
  • Patient Check-in: With EMR integration, patients can check-in upon arrival.
  • Multi-language: Speak to visitors in their native language.
  • Mobile app: Deploy mobile app to provide the specific messaging, department hours, appointment reminders, or integrate wayfinding into the brand’s existing app can provide personalized turn-by-turn directions to all users. This can help visitors before, during and after their visit.
  • Include all pertinent information about the brand, location and events.
  • Personalized directions from users home to your location, that can include where to park, where to enter and specific guest check-in options.
  • Preferred parking: Guide visitors to the correct parking location based on their visit.
  • Patient reminders: Send reminders to users for upcoming appointments, medication and send traffic warnings too.
  • Blue-dot: Show turn-by-turn directions once arriving on site.
  • Website: Integrate the communications wayfinding platform into existing brand website to provide pre-trip planning and information.
  • Create personalized turn-by-turn directions that start at the users home to your location that include where to park, where to enter and specific guest check-in options.
  • Text directions: send personalized turn-by-turn directions to users mobile phone via SMS text message.
  • Personalized directions: from users home to your location, that can include where to park, where to enter and specific guest check-in options. Send to mobile phone or print at home directions.

These highlight a few of many options we have deployed and continue to invest in visitor enhancements. These solutions are sustainable, cost effective and personalized so visitor can get what they need when they need it.

Now is the time for to investigate this opportunity and for Healthcare brands to take action. Let’s discuss a turn-key personalized omni-channel communications platform to assist visitors, and visiting employees,  in their daily experiences.

Let’s talk if these solutions are something your brand would like to consider as we have blocked out times to work with our team of experts to provide support and recommendations base on your specific location and requirements.

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