Corporate Wayfinding Solutions in a Post-COVID Workplace

Corporate Wayfinding Solutions in a Post-COVID Workplace

There’s no denying the impact that the global pandemic has had on the average corporate workplace. All around the world, offices have been forced to reassess their working environment, as well as determine which workplace traditions and functions are necessary and which are worth reexamining.

From a corporate wayfinding perspective, there’s been more of a newfound emphasis on providing safe and accessible means of navigation, for coworkers and clients alike. From encouraging social distancing to providing more self-service opportunities, corporate campuses are ushering in a new era of digital wayfinding that’s just as accommodating as it is cautious.

With more and more offices welcoming back their employees, exploring new solutions to create a healthier, more efficient working environment is an essential task for companies of all industries.

As we move forward into this new era of safety protocols, here are some emerging corporate wayfinding solutions to help businesses better navigate their ways in a Post-COVID workplace. 

Emphasize Safety Protocols

First and foremost, emphasizing safety protocols is an absolute must when it comes to creating a safe and secure working environment. Interactive kiosk stations are a great means to keep employees and guests informed on all the latest health standards and CDC recommendations, especially when such guidelines can change from week to week. Or, in case of an emergency, all screens can reflect real-time information to guard against an intruder, severe weather or other situation that requires that people take shelter.

Digital signage displays are also an effective way to help passerby with any hygienic inquiries, such as locating restrooms, hand sanitizer stations, or emergency exits.

Encourage Self Service

In these times, the less direct, physical interactions we can have on a daily basis, the safer an environment we can create for both employees and clients alike. Through interactive kiosk stations, we can limit the amount of face-to-face interactions without having to interrupt daily workflow or communications.

This means giving coworkers and visitors more opportunities for self service. Office directories, self check-in options, accessing schedules, making appointments; all of these daily tasks can be performed by encouraging self service usage with interactive kiosk stations.

Improving Accessibility

If the pandemic has taught businesses one thing, it’s that maximizing accessibility is an absolute must to ensure that all employees and clientele are as safe and comfortable as possible. That’s where it’s important to think outside the box when it comes to corporate wayfinding, providing more navigational resources for people of all walks of life.

Whether it’s more language support options, braille wayfinding choices, interactive mapping, or mobile application synchronization, covering all the accessibility bases should be a top priority for all businesses moving forward.

Tracking Data and Adjusting Accordingly

Nowadays, it’s not just enough to provide ample opportunities for passersby to explore wayfinding resources. With the analytical support that’s standard with most interactive kiosk stations, businesses can now access keen insight into the performance and functionality of their digital wayfinding displays.

Session counts, session lengths, dwell time; all of these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and more can be tracked and the wayfinding adjusted accordingly, ensuring that users are receiving the most accommodating experience possible. Keeping tabs on all this data is also how companies can maximize their ROI when it comes to financing all their corporate wayfinding technologies.

Reflecting Your Brand

In today’s post-COVID world, everyone has seemingly grown accustomed to the same stern vernacular and messaging when it comes to enforcing various protocols. Instead of resorting to the same stale and often intimidating vocabulary, take the time to install your company’s values, messaging, and tone into the content of your corporate wayfinding resources.

Positive reinforcement, uplifting updates, encouraging reminders; custom content management will help you maintain a healthy and safe working environment while installing a tone that’s on par with your company’s brand.

While the scenery within your workplace may have changed, the values that made your business what it is today should never be compromised.

Corporate Wayfinding Solutions From Oppna Digital

Changing up your work environment may seem intimidating at first, but knowing that you’re providing ample resources for your employees and clients to feel as comfortable as possible is an absolute necessity for the post-COVID workplace.

At Oppna Digital, we work with businesses to evaluate their office needs, ultimately creating a completely customized wayfinding strategy that best adheres to the safety protocols and navigational resources they wish to put into place. When you need successful wayfinding solutions, contact us today to request a demo of all the services we provide!

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