How Interactive Kiosks Are Boosting Fan Engagement In Stadiums

How Interactive Kiosks Are Boosting Fan Engagement In Stadiums

Whether you’re a fair-weather fan or a lifelong, diehard devotee, there’s no denying the thrill that anyone feels when setting foot inside a massive, state-of-the-art sports stadium or arena. The anticipation for the game, the aromas of guilty pleasure snacks, panoramic cheers and jeers; it’s a lively atmosphere that captivates all the senses.

As vibrant as the surroundings can be, the crowded conditions can also conjure up moments of confusion, inaccessibility, or general inconvenience. That’s where innovative technologies such as interactive kiosk stations have helped enhance the fan experience, providing more customizable options to navigate their way throughout these intimidating facilities, as well as providing stadiums more opportunities to engage with their visitors.

Digital signage, stadium wayfinding, mobile apps; sports teams have steadily embraced such interactive mediums to ensure their fans safety and satisfaction as much as possible. To truly assess how these varying forms of technology are changing the arena experience, let’s take a closer look at how interactive kiosks are boosting fan engagement in stadiums.

Stadium Wayfinding Assistance

Finding the right section, the right row, or even finding the closest restroom can be quite the odyssey for any sports fan, especially if it’s their first time at any given stadium. That’s where having strategically placed kiosk stations can help, providing navigational resources for visitors to take advantage of when they’re in a hurry to get back to their seats and watch the action.

Wayfinding kiosk stations are a perfect solution for helping fans who don’t have time to track down a staff worker and get the answers they need. And with features like smart search functions, scalable maps, and text-to-phone and QR code scan capabilities, fans will be able to carry wayfinding-related information in the palm of their hand.

Security Resources

As exciting as attending a ball game can be, there’s always the chance that trouble could break out at any given moment. Whether it’s dealing with a rowdy fan or confusion over seating, it’s important for stadiums to provide visitors with immediate security solutions that will resolve whatever scenario they’re dealing with.

When staff or security personnel aren’t present, having strategically placed kiosk stations located near every aisle exit can allow fans to quickly and efficiently contact security teams to address any urgent situations.

With a couple of clicks, a kiosk station can alert security guards and direct them specifically wherever they are needed. Having extra security resources such as this will only help prevent misfortune in the long run.

Mobile App Synchronization

More often than not, fans don’t realize how many opportunities they’re missing out on to save big on various promotional offers courtesy of the stadium they’re currently occupying. By now, most stadiums have already or are currently investing in mobile application development, creating direct lines of communication with their guests to directly brand themselves to them.

Interactive kiosk stations can help encourage fans to download these apps, or at least become aware of them. Simply providing QR codes for fans to scan as they pass by can help them immediately download apps to their phones, providing them with access to a wide variety of offers, ranging from coupons, rewards programs, event updates, etc.

Complete Content Management

What truly makes interactive kiosk stations so imperative to stadiums catering to their guests are the seemingly infinite possibilities they have when it comes to content management.

Promoting upcoming events? Kiosk stations can actively display any big concerts, games, or fundraisers that are on the horizon.

Restaurant or retail store guide? Users can instantly access an entire directory of food or shopping options within the stadium or in the surrounding area.

Advertising or sponsorships? What better way to advertise to your clientele than directly interacting with them?

Kiosk stations are paving the way for stadiums and arenas to better engage with their fans with more intricate content management solutions.

Stadium Wayfinding Solutions From Oppna Digital

Every stadium or arena has its own needs when it comes to improving the accommodations for their fans and guests. At Oppna Digital, we work directly with stadiums to provide custom wayfinding and interactive kiosk solutions, so you can better engage with your visitors while improving brand awareness.

Contact us today to learn more about all of our stadium wayfinding services! 

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