Digital Channel Marketing: How Digital Wayfinding Can Help You Reach Your Customers

Digital Channel Marketing: How Digital Wayfinding Can Help You Reach Your Customers

When it comes to retail marketing, there are a variety of channels you can use to get products and services in front of the eyeballs that want and need them most. So which ones should you take advantage of? Ideally, all of them!

To maximize your marketing returns, you must allow your customers to determine where they prefer to see your messaging. Create opportunities for connection on all major channels, give them the ability to choose their preferred ones, and then market to them there. Curious what this might look like in a retail setting? The experts at Oppna Digital have the details below.

Omnichannel Marketing to Satisfy Customers’ Preferences

Increasingly, customers expect highly personalized marketing. While content creation is no doubt an involved process, there’s a simple way to ensure you can deliver that content in a personalized fashion where each customer is most likely to engage with it: Implement omnichannel marketing.

But here’s the catch — you need a solution that allows customers to communicate the ideal places they’d like to see your content, their preferred marketing channels. When you give the customer the opportunity to tell you specifically where they’re most likely to engage with your content and promotions, you can market to each prospect individually. The content might not change from person to person, but the delivery method can and should when appropriate.

That’s where digital wayfinding technology comes in. This incredibly versatile software allows you the opportunity to connect with your customers through numerous channels and maintain that connection long after they leave an establishment.

Creating On-Brand Content Across Multiple Channels

You know all of your customers have different preferences in regard to communication channels. That’s why it’s important to create content for multiple channels to ensure you’re able to reach your customers and guests where they’re most likely to engage with your marketing.

Furthermore, that content must be cohesive and on-brand across all of the channels you market on, and to let the customer decide, you must allow an opportunity for engagement with each one. To achieve cohesive content across numerous channels, you need a content management solution, a system that organizes properly formatted content according to where it will be displayed.

That’s where our team at Oppna Digital comes in.

We offer custom content management solutions suited to any destination that make organizing and distributing content across multiple channels super simple. You can customize content in any way you desire, including:

●        Advertising events or promotions on your website

●        Using wayfinding kiosks to display in-store promotions or upsells

●        Sending text promotions

●        Promoting products and/or services on social media

●        Sending email promotions

●        Much more!

There’s no question that personalization is the best way to effectively connect with — and market to — today’s digital consumers. Personalization is the future of retail too. If you’re ready to discover what omnichannel marketing and personalized content can do for your business, let our team at Oppna Digital show you.

Contact Oppna Digital to Learn How Digital Wayfinding Can Enhance Your Customer Experience

Are you looking to create stronger connections with your customers and guests? Need a content management solution that allows you to achieve that? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Oppna Digital. We provide end-to-end digital wayfinding solutions for large-scale facilities in a variety of industries and create custom software and content management solutions to help you organize and deliver your messaging.

Ready to see what digital wayfinding can do for you? Get started by requesting a demo, or give us a call at 651-237-5677. You can also contact us online for more information.

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