How Digital Signage Helps Increase Campus Safety

How Digital Signage Helps Increase Campus Safety

As increasing numbers of universities struggle to balance classroom-based education and student health and safety, many are finding it challenging to remain open. Digital wayfinding technology and signage offer a helpful solution for keeping students and staff safe, comfortable, and socially distanced as the pandemic continues to ravage the nation.

Below, the experts at Oppna Digital explain how these digital technologies provide contactless communication to enhance campus safety and the overall university experience.

Digital Signage and Education: Leverage Technology to Create a Safe Learning Environment

Safely reopening universities is entirely achievable, provided campuses implement the appropriate technology to empower students to learn safely. What kind of technology are we talking about? There are a number of digital signage tools that educational facilities can take advantage of to create safe, comfortable learning environments, including:

●        Interactive displays  

●        Informational displays

●        Interactive digital wayfinding

Using Interactive Displays to Enhance Contactless Communication

Interactive displays that feature QR-code technology, voice integration, and other contactless solutions are a fantastic way for campuses to enhance student and staff safety. These tools help support and increase student engagement while minimizing the need for person-to-person contact or person-to-device contact.

On campuses that already employ digital signage where touch-enabled functionality raises concerns, contactless communication solutions can be implemented into existing digital signage. This technology not only allows staff, students, and parents more peace of mind but also encourages more interactivity (safely!) on campus.

Using Digital Informational Displays for Important Information Updates

Campuses are navigating foreign waters right now, which means protocols can change by the minute depending on the health status of the student body and staff. A university’s ability to quickly disseminate key information across campus is crucial to protect staff and student safety. That’s where digital informational displays are incredibly useful.

With digital signage solutions, students and staff anywhere on campus can be made aware of critical information updates in a matter of minutes. Content management solutions allow administrators to rapidly update information across all digital displays throughout campus, to quickly deliver essential notices like:

●        Changes in class meeting locations

●        Updates to campus safety protocols

●        Emergency notifications

●        Important upcoming events

●        Much more

Because digital signage solutions allow for complete control of information dissemination from a singular location, they’re the most efficient way of providing contactless communication on university campuses.

Using Interactive Digital Wayfinding for Socially Distanced Campus Navigation

Clear wayfinding has always been essential in universities to allow students, staff, and visitors to navigate through campus. And today, easy-to-understand campus navigation is more important than ever. Interactive digital wayfinding technology provides students and staff a safe navigational solution.

Digital wayfinding solutions can incorporate easy-to-understand, turn-by-turn directions via smartphone, which allows campuses to preserve social distancing standards. It helps minimize navigational confusion on campus, thereby encouraging students to feel more in control of their surroundings. Most importantly, it minimizes overcrowding in areas prone to congestion, which helps keep unsafe social conditions to a minimum.

Talk to Expert About Interactive Digital Campus Wayfinding

For the foreseeable future, contactless communication will be key for keeping university campuses operating safely. Our team at Oppna Digital designs, implements, and manages interactive digital wayfinding kiosks and digital signage solutions for universities and college campuses across the nation.

To learn more about how we can help you or what our products can do, feel free to request a demo or give us a call at 651-237-5677. You can also contact us online for more information.

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