Digital Wayfinding: A Must-Have for Outdoor Retail Navigation

Digital Wayfinding: A Must-Have for Outdoor Retail Navigation

The sheer size of many outdoor retail venues necessitates clearly visible, easy-to-understand, and efficient navigation systems. Guests are ready and willing to become paying customers, but if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll never convert. At Oppna Digital, we help businesses solve the conversion equation through robust, outdoor digital wayfinding solutions that improve the customer experience and drive sales. Regardless of the season or weather, our systems deliver unmatched convenience and quality of service, so you can attract and retain your ideal customers.  


Enhancing the Customer Experience Encourages Repeat Business

Outdoor interactive digital wayfinding kiosks provide bright, crisp, clean displays that easily capture the attention of passing shoppers. Customers can quickly locate their intended destinations, and in the process, engage with various brands. This interaction builds the customer’s impression of the business. Which creates a “wow” factor that’s impossible to forget.


The sleek, modern, polished design of digital signage instantly conveys a degree of professionalism and refinement that static signage simply cannot achieve. In the age of short attention spans, strong first impressions are key to success, and digital wayfinding is a perfect solution for retaining the attention and loyalty of new visitors.


Streamlining the Navigation Process Promotes Profits

Want to encourage customers to hand over their hard-earned money? You have to get them in the door first. In a large, bustling retail center, it’s easy for customers to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of traffic and available buying options. What happens when customers feel overwhelmed? Choice overload, the negative psychological, emotional, and behavioral effect of having too many options to choose from, sets in.


Unfortunately, when customers struggle with choice overload, they shut down. One recent report on consumer trends found that approximately 54% of customers abandon their shopping experience when faced with too many choices. So, if you can simplify the selection process, you have a much better chance of retaining the customer. Outdoor digital wayfinding kiosks accomplish this by streamlining the navigation process.  


By providing highly visible, easy-to-understand maps and directories, wayfinding hubs dramatically reduce customer overwhelm. Text-to-phone directions can quickly guide visitors to any location throughout the space, which retains their focus on their original intent: buying. In any large retail landscape, efficient navigation is key, and outdoor wayfinding is a perfect solution.    


Advertising and Promotions Increase Revenue

Outdoor digital wayfinding kiosks offer brands a unique advertising platform that can be updated on a daily basis, if necessary. Businesses can run on-screen promotional ads to clear out inventory or create upsells that push specific products based on customer behavior. Deep analytics provide retailers with ongoing feedback about customer interests, preferences, and purchase history, which allows merchants to tailor the shopping experience accordingly. In an age where many customers prefer avoiding conversations with sales staff, interactive digital signage is an effective tool for driving sales. 


Considering Outdoor Digital Wayfinding? Contact Oppna Digital

At Oppna Digital, we’re an end-to-end digital wayfinding solutions provider with a strong focus on user experience design and development. When you partner with our team, we take the time to gain a deep understanding of your needs, so we can develop the most effective software and hardware solutions for your space. We also provide professional project management to ensure the entire process operates smoothly and on-schedule. To learn more about our outdoor digital wayfinding solutions, contact our team at 651-237-5677. Ready to see what our solutions can do? Click here to request your demo today!

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