Digital Wayfinding: Tips and Tricks for an Optimized Experience

Digital Wayfinding: Tips and Tricks for an Optimized Experience

It’s no secret that interactive wayfinding is becoming a must-have installation in expansive buildings and organizations. Visitors need modern, practical solutions for locating their intended destinations, which means businesses can take advantage of significant marketing opportunities along the way. To effectively serve both purposes, digital wayfinding solutions must consider both the customer’s and the business’s goals. Curious how you can optimize a dual-purpose digital solution? Oppna Digital discusses a few tips below.


Use Color Coding

Color is a fantastic tool for increasing digital wayfinding’s ease of use. Consider the colors red and green. Everyone knows red denotes caution, while green generally signifies the coast is clear. Because humans process visuals more rapidly than text, color is a critical component of any wayfinding solution. 


Consistently color-coded words, shapes, and symbols can denote specific departments within an organization and allow users to quickly locate their intended destinations. To further enhance ease of use, combine digital color-coding with color-coded environmental markers or signage.


Create Appealing Visuals

In a digital environment, users are more likely to gravitate toward visual content rather than text. Even more importantly, visuals quickly and effectively communicate messaging to those with language barriers. While text is undoubtedly important, eye-catching visuals are what grab and keep the user’s attention. In fact, digital marketers estimate that 80% of consumers remember what they see, but only 10% remember what they read. So if you hope to make an impression on your audience, engaging visuals are key.


Align Design With Your Brand

Digital wayfinding offers a powerful marketing opportunity if you use it correctly. To get the most out of your signage, make sure your visuals, fonts, and color scheme align with your branding. When customers interact with digital signage, they’re absorbing information. They can absorb generic information that fails to reinforce your brand, or they can digest targeted brand messaging that establishes a connection. Which drives more revenue?


Create Useful Content

Content is the most critical component of any digital wayfinding solution. If you want successful signage, you must create engaging content. So how do you do that?


Start by studying your target audience. Keep in mind, you aren’t creating content because you find it important; you’re creating content because your audience finds it important. Here’s what to consider:


●        What type of content is your audience most likely to engage with?

●        What messaging can your audience relate to?

●        How will you create your content?

●        Who will maintain your content?

●        How frequently should you update your content?


Engaging content drives business results by prompting audiences to take action. Without great content, you essentially have nothing more than digital decoration. Interactive wayfinding solutions aren’t limited to wayfinding; they’re powerful marketing tools, too. And in the world of marketing, content is king.


Considering Wayfinding Signage Systems? Contact Oppna Digital

At Oppna Digital, we take pride in our ability to help our clients create unforgettable experiences for their customers. As a full-service solutions provider, we collaborate with clients to design, implement, and maintain digital systems that deliver measurable results and consistent revenue. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 651-237-6577, or you can request a free demo here.

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