Express Voice: Touchless Digital Wayfinding Control
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Express Voice: Touchless Digital Wayfinding Control

As businesses and facilities across the nation gradually reopen in the wake of an unprecedented pandemic, health and safety measures are more important now than ever. Customers, guests, and patients are understandably worried about the inherent risks of social interaction, and those worries have the potential to slow or even stop business for many facility owners.

Fortunately, technology is paving the way for safer public interactions, and at Oppna Digital, we’re at the forefront of new developments. Below, we’ve outlined several distinct benefits of Express-VOICE, our touchless solution for Wayfinding Plus kiosk control.

Peace of Mind for Consumers

Whether it’s a healthcare facility, retail establishment, hospitality venue, educational institution, or transportation hub, consumers are more likely to visit an establishment that makes safety measures glaringly obvious. And if guests or patients are afraid to walk through your doors due to social distancing or sanitary concerns, how do you imagine your business will survive?

Touchless voice control and digital wayfinding solutions allow facility and business owners to offer unmatched peace of mind to their guests. Digital wayfinding kiosks allow guests to obtain requested information while maintaining a safe distance from other consumers and facility employees. And with the implementation of Express-VOICE, our touchless command solution, guests can control those kiosks with no physical contact, which helps strengthen any facility’s sanitation control efforts.  


Improved Digital Wayfinding and Brand Messaging Accessibility

One of the defining features of an excellent digital wayfinding solution is the ability to communicate brand messaging and connect with consumers on a variety of digital channels. Brands and businesses rely on this technology to develop lasting relationships with their audiences. However, when people are worried about touching a kiosk that may have been touched by hundreds, maybe thousands of other people, brands miss out on a unique opportunity to build those connections with their customers.

With Express-VOICE, customers, guests, and patients can use digital wayfinding kiosks much the same as they’d use their smartphones to issue a voice command. Because the technology features specific voice commands aligned with Google Voice Command solutions, it improves ease of access to facility mapping, information, and branded content through pure familiarity. Consumers are already comfortable using voice commands to operate their phones — 58% of mobile device owners use voice-activated search in 2020 — which makes adopting the technology a smart move for any business. Pandemic or no, voice search and control has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and with ever-growing concerns about public sanitation, there’s no better time than now to implement this technology. In addition to this, Express-Command can add a QR code or a short code to move the Wayfinding functionality onto a smartphone. This allows visitors to bring their own device (BYOD).

Simple Integration With Existing or New Digital Wayfinding Solutions

For facilities that have existing digital wayfinding solutions, Express-VOICE is incredibly simple to install and can be retrofitted into existing kiosk enclosures. It integrates seamlessly into an existing CMS or can function as a standalone CMS.

Because digital wayfinding kiosks also provide critical analytics information based on consumer interactions, Express-VOICE is also designed to deliver full reporting and analytics. It tracks all user sessions, searches, and commands to give business owners and brands the mission-critical data they need to effectively serve their customers.

Ready to Learn More About Express-VOICE for Your Digital Wayfinding Solution?

Whether you have an existing digital wayfinding solution or you’re looking to implement one to improve safety throughout your facility, get in touch with our team at Oppna Digital. We specialize in end-to-end digital wayfinding solutions and voice command technology for large facilities, and our technology is currently in use at some of the largest, most iconic establishments in the United States. To learn more or request a demo, give our team a call today at 651-237-5677 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

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