Healthcare During the Pandemic: Advantages of Interactive Digital Hospital Wayfinding Systems

Healthcare During the Pandemic: Advantages of Interactive Digital Hospital Wayfinding Systems

Large-scale healthcare facilities have long adopted new technologies in an effort to solve their most pressing challenges. Electronic medical records, telehealth, 3D printing — the list goes on and on. In the COVID-19 era, the same idea holds true: The right technology can help healthcare organizations not only adapt to but also overcome the new challenges ushered in by the pandemic.

Interactive digital signage systems and wayfinding software are helping large-scale healthcare facilities mitigate safety risks, improve operational efficiency, and increase patient and staff satisfaction. Read on to learn how these technologies are benefiting the healthcare industry during the pandemic.

Touchless Thermal Scanning

Hospitals, medical offices, research labs, and healthcare operations of all types are using digital kiosks to conduct touchless temperature scanning. Placing kiosks at entrance points or in reception areas offers a first line of defense against viral spread. Controlling facility accessibility is a critical step in keeping staff safe and able to continue serving patient needs.

But these kiosks can do far more than take temperatures, and facilities are taking advantage of their many capabilities. Interactive mapping, facility information, emergency alerts, appointment scheduling, and a wide variety of other functionalities are improving the overall healthcare experience.

Easy-to-Navigate, Real-Time Facility Wayfinding

On a massive healthcare campus with dozens of buildings, several parking lots, and multiple floors, wings, and offices, navigation isn’t easy. Social distancing guidelines don’t make it any easier, either. But many of these large-scale facilities are implementing a highly effective solution: real-time, turn-by-turn digital directions throughout a facility.

With strategically placed kiosks and interactive digital wayfinding software in place, visitors can search for and locate their destination in a matter of seconds. They can opt to send directions to their smart device and then follow a real-time, turn-by-turn route directly where they need to go.

Facilities can pre-approve routes, control traffic pathways, temporarily shut down routes to accommodate maintenance, and more. Plus, IT can manage it all remotely. Blue dot navigation isn’t just for roadways anymore.

Interactive digital kiosks and signage systems don’t just serve to improve navigational efficiency, though. They also function to boost operational efficiency by allowing staff to focus on pressing duties rather than helping visitors and patients find their way.   

Touchless Interactivity and Control

Touchscreens aren’t the only option for controlling interactive digital signage systems and wayfinding kiosks. Now, voice control allows users to minimize the number of touchpoints they have contact with in a healthcare setting.

Touchless control doesn’t just boost the usability of these systems in the COVID-19 era; it also increases patient and visitor confidence in the facility. Ultimately, offering a safer option for digital kiosk interaction and navigation improves the patient experience.

Hot-Desking and Room Scheduling

Healthcare facilities are also using interactive wayfinding software to control access to rooms, offices, and other spaces to maintain social distancing. Providers can book specific rooms in advance to maintain a safe distance from other patients, as well as gain insight into how rooms are being used.

Integrated sensors, interactive signage, and digital wayfinding indicate room occupancy and when a room requires cleaning and sanitization before new occupants use the space.  

Oppna Digital: Providing End-to-End Hospital Wayfinding Solutions

If your healthcare facility is looking to improve safety, efficiency, accessibility, and overall satisfaction, digital wayfinding and signage solutions can help. At Oppna Digital, we provide end-to-end digital solutions for large-scale healthcare campuses throughout the United States. To learn more about our services or discuss your needs, feel free to give us a call at 651-237-5677 or request a demo today.

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