How Mobile Application Development Can Improve On-Campus Security

How Mobile Application Development Can Improve On-Campus Security

As any educational institution will concur, the safety and well-being of students takes top priority over everything else. That’s why more universities are investing in mobile app development software to help keep students connected and in the know about essential security updates, as well as providing plenty of resources and answers for FAQs.

Studies show that 84% of students utilize their mobile campus app regularly, with 64% admitting to using it daily. And when you consider that campus crime has significantly been on the rise in recent years, it’s easy to see the communicative potential mobile apps have for updating students on safety precautions and emergency notifications.

But how specifically can mobile application development keep students as safe and secure as possible? Here are a few ways developing a university mobile app helps improve on-campus safety and security.

Campus Wayfinding

Sometimes pointing students in the right direction is all it takes to instantly improve their safety. That’s why implementing campus wayfinding technology into university mobile app development will serve as an essential feature. It provides students with an immediate database for all security-related resources and real-time directions on how to access them.

Anyone can be a little intimidated by the sprawling environment of your average college campus. More often than not, students are unaware of some health and safety-related locations ranging from health centers to guidance counselor offices. With a few clicks on a smartphone screen, campus wayfinding can fill students in on where they need to go for the assistance they need.

Instant Notifications

Emergencies can arise at a moment’s notice, making every second more crucial than the last when notifying or updating students on security protocol. That’s where mobile application development truly enhances security protocols, allowing universities to keep their students in the loop on any safety issues or updates through instant messaging and notification features.

Every student who downloads the campus app onto their smartphone can set up instant notifications that quickly inform them of emergencies or security concerns and provide them with directions on what to do next. The clearer and more accessible communication between students and faculty can be, the safer everyone will become.

Emergency Contacts

There are many scenarios in which students simply cannot use their phones to dial 911 and verbally report instances of crime or security violations. This is where having a campus app comes in handy. It allows students to silently report issues, concerns, or emergencies through instant messaging tools that immediately put them in touch with necessary security forces.

In addition to direct messaging, students can also utilize campus apps for scheduling appointments or consultations with various safety personnel, such as campus security, guidance counselors, mental health professionals, etc. Using your campus app to serve as a one-stop-shop for emergency resources will only work toward improving safety measures and protocol for everyone.

Mobile Application Development From Oppna Digital

Safer surroundings means a more comfortable, encouraging learning environment for students to flourish in. At Oppna Digital, we help universities with professional mobile app development software assistance, so they can keep their students in-the-know on all security measures, updates, etc.

If you’re interested in developing a mobile app or improving your current software, contact Oppna Digital today to schedule a consultation with our mobile application development specialists!

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