How to Capture Your Key Demographics in Your Mall

How to Capture Your Key Demographics in Your Mall

As the person or people in charge of a mall and its layout, you know how much planning and difficulty goes into determining which stores get certain storefronts and locations. In today’s technology-advanced world, data and analytics are the keys to cultivating and reaching your key demographic. It’s no secret that mall demographics have changed over the last several years as technology and online shopping have taken over and then again with the global pandemic. The only way to keep up and stay on pace with your competitors is to use comprehensive analytical data to reach your demographic. But how do you go about capturing this data and successfully reach your key demographic? At Oppna Digital, we have the software capabilities to track specific data, so you can formulate plans to make your business as successful as possible.

Individualized, Customized Search and Navigation Functionalities

The first step to capturing adequate data to improve your demographic reach is to invest in search and navigation functions. As you know, businesses that bring in the most customers and highest sales should be given optimal locations in your mall. From there, you want to place similar businesses nearby, or in adjacent storefronts, so your facility’s traffic has more to explore, which can lead to more sales.


When you come to Oppna Digital for your technology solutions, we’ll sit down with you to discover exactly what you need and what you believe your key demographic is. From there, we’ll get to work building a customized solution for you, so you can put it to use. Depending on your requests, we can implement any number of solutions, which include wayfinding kiosks or centers. Using these and our custom search technology, your customers can search for any number of things, like products, designers, store names, and more, and get step-by-step directions to help them find the location. Advertising for similar products, as well as more popular businesses, can be included to spark interest and hopefully drive more sales.


Your location and types of businesses you have in your area ultimately determine the demographics you’re trying to reach. You might be trying to reach the everyday, middle-class person, but you also might have high-end products and stores. If you’re trying to reach the middle class demographic or another section within that demographic, we’ll create smart software that compares the products and stores within your mall to advertise more and bring in that demographic. Every mall’s demographics vary in some way, but by using what you already know, combined with these tools, you can better reach your demographic.

Data Collection Software

All of those tools and search options above might be great, but how do you keep track of the numbers and conversion rates, especially if you're operating a large mall or shopping center that has thousands of visitors per day? At Oppna Digital, we design analytics software that will help you track specific information, such as:


●        Individual search terms, products, categories, departments

●        How often terms are searched including failed search

●        What businesses receive the most traffic

●        Which products are most commonly searched

●        Shopper Demographics and heat map tracking

●        And more


Using this data, you’ll be able to provide individual data to your stores and ultimately make the decision as to whether you want certain stores in your mall or if you want them to move to a better storefront where there’s more store traffic. If you can think of it, we can likely provide you with a solution. To learn more about these individual data capturing techniques to help you reach your key demographics, contact Oppna Digital today.

Contact Oppna Digital Today

If you’re looking for high-end technology solutions to enhance your business and capture key demographics, contact Oppna Digital today. Since we opened for business, we have helped large retailers everywhere get the technology, data, and analytics they need to be more successful. To learn more about our services or to request a demo, give us a call at 651-237-5677 or message us on our contact page today.

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