What a Complete & Safe  Retail Experience Looks Like
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What a Complete & Safe Retail Experience Looks Like

When you think of a complete retail experience, you probably think of how your store is designed for your customers. With this, you might also think about how your employees are trained, your customer service levels, and more. What about the intangible factors that bring customers to your business? How will they hear about your business? How will they find your facility once they make the decision to give your services a try? All of these factors determine how complete of a retail experience your business offers. As a business owner or operator, you know how important it is for your customers to feel welcome and completely satisfied with your services and know they’re taken care of. At Oppna Digital, we have years of experience helping our clients create an immersive experience for a complete retail experience. So, what does a complete and safe retail experience look like? These days, safety and health are at the forefront of importance in a shopping experience. Oppna Digital provides many opportunities to ensure that this is handled in your environment with innovative solutions such as Express-REZ, Express-Command and Express-Voice.

Navigation and Search Capabilities

If your store is located in a larger facility, like a mall or strip mall, it may be difficult for your customers to find your location, especially if it’s a massive facility like the Mall of America. If this is the case, investing in integrated technology with search functions could be critical to your success. For instance, if you invested in digital wayfinding systems with search capabilities, your customers and others in the facility have the opportunity to search for you or something similar to your services and come across your services, as well. Additionally, with streamlined search capabilities, customers can search for a designer or specific product and receive a list of products that match what they’re looking for.


With these technological capabilities, you can update your products in real-time, receive real-time data that shows what customers are searching for, and apply that to what you’re selling and your store layout. By doing this, you’re giving your customers the opportunity to be independent and have a complete retail experience. Giving them all of the information they need to have a successful and positive shopping experience is crucial, so they come back.

Excellent Staff Training and Store Layout

Another obvious aspect of creating a complete retail experience for your customers involves the training you provide to your staff, as well as the layout of your store. By taking the data you receive from your advertising campaigns and applying that to your products, you can create displays that display the most popular items, so they’re readily available. Additionally, though you’re investing in high-end technology to make wayfinding and product searches easier, you still need to have a well-trained staff that will help your customers troubleshoot if they’re having difficulties, as well as a friendly staff to welcome them in. If your customer is determined to have an independent shopping experience, the ability to include the exact ads placed online into digital advertising on a Video Wall or on kiosks will increase the success of their shopping experience.


To learn more about integrating technology into your retail business to compliment your staff and layout to create a complete retail experience for your consumers, contact Oppna Digital today.

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If you’re looking for digital technology solutions to enhance your customers’ overall experience and make your business operate more efficiently, contact Oppna Digital today. We evaluate what you need and break it down to ensure you get the most out of our services. To learn more about our services or to request a demo, give us a call at 651-237-5677 or message us on our contact page.

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