Indoor Wayfinding and Positioning Within Your Facility
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Indoor Wayfinding and Positioning Within Your Facility

If you operate a large business or another venue, like a mall, and have invested in wayfinding solutions to improve happiness and the ease of your customers and employees, you’ve made tremendous progress toward easing navigation for everyone. However, there’s always room for improvement. If you don’t like how your wayfinding system is positioned within your facility, or you’re looking to invest in a brand new wayfinding system to improve your facilities, then you need to reach out to the top experts and design your system, so it benefits you. While investing in and using a wayfinding system is critical for most public venues, another component is ensuring the proper placement within your venue, so it enhances your overall wayfinding goals. Indoor positioning is an additional technology system that works with wayfinding systems to enhance the user’s experience. Here, our digital wayfinding experts at Oppna Digital will discuss this feature, so you can decide if it will work for you.


What is Indoor Positioning?


Indoor positioning is essentially a networked system of devices used to track individual people within your facility by picking up on the signal from their smart devices. You might think that sounds a little strange, but it’s actually quite useful. With this type of technology, your customers and others can get directions via a mobile app and follow their exact location to ensure they’re in the right place. Everyone is familiar with the ‘blue-dot’ experience using Google Maps or Apple Maps in outdoor navigation. This type of system doesn’t impact or drain the battery of your customers’ smart devices. It only allows them to see where they’re going so they don’t get lost. Additionally, tracks when you switch floors, so your customers track where they are for a better experience and it is accurate down to ~2 meters.


Why Is This Useful?


You may be wondering why indoor positioning systems are necessary. When it comes down to it, these systems give each individual a personal experience, and many enjoy working individually in today’s day and age. While you should still have wayfinding kiosks in key access points throughout your venue, you can lessen the burden on them by having directions sent to each individual who wants them that starts with the current location. This also offers a touchless option and allows guest to use their own device, which is critical in our current pandemic environment.


Along with these benefits, there are a few other important ones. When customers use this system, the analytical data is sent directly to you, so you can study where guests went and how they interacted with your space. While this may not seem like a lot, it helps you see which routes, stores or venues are most popular, where people linger the longest. If individual properties had an increase in sales, and if you need to evaluate how the stores or venues are arranged. All of this plays an important role in planning for the future of your venue To learn more about how this indoor positioning system can improve wayfinding at your facility, contact us today.


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