Interactive Digital Signage Misconceptions: 4 Myths Debunked
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Interactive Digital Signage Misconceptions: 4 Myths Debunked

If you’ve thought about implementing interactive wayfinding systems or digital signage in your facility but haven’t yet made the leap, what’s stopping you? Perhaps you’re concerned this “new” technology won’t deliver an appreciable ROI? Or maybe you’re worried you just don’t have the bandwidth to update and maintain yet another complicated tech system?

It’s true — investing in new technology always carries some degree of risk and tackling the initial user learning curve can be somewhat challenging. But it’s also true that times are changing and our world is becoming increasingly digital. Implementing the right technology in your business offers you an opportunity to increase your foot traffic, sales, customer satisfaction, marketing efficacy, and so much more.

But if you buy into popular digital signage and wayfinding myths, you’ll miss out on a plethora of business-boosting opportunities. Below, we’re debunking some of the most widespread misconceptions about interactive digital signage systems.

The Technology Isn’t Mature Enough

Although interactive digital signage software and wayfinding software have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, they aren’t “new” technologies. These systems have been around for quite some time and the technology is most definitely mature. But, like all technologies, these systems are always evolving and improving.

Interactive digital signage software is more than mature. Today, all types of facilities have an extensive variety of options for improving customer satisfaction, wayfinding, interactivity, revenue, and much more. With a digital signage system in place, businesses can:

●        Create and share targeted, interactive content across a variety of channels

●        Track and analyze consumer data and use that data to improve floor layouts, wayfinding routes, personalized recommendations, advertising performance, and more

●        Implement voice technology to allow visitors touchless interaction and wayfinding

●        Integrate mobile apps to stay connected with consumers

●        Enhance branding and boost brand recognition

●        Engage with visitors and customers both on-site and remotely

●        Much, much more 

Interactive Digital Signage Is Expensive and You Can’t Measure ROI

Expensive compared to what? Digital wayfinding and interactive digital signage systems are designed to enhance the user experience, so measuring ROI isn’t all about dollars and cents. At the end of the day, a facility’s return on investment with these systems really depends on its goals.

Why are you considering making the investment? To boost brand awareness? To give your visitors more value? To boost engagement? To help visitors find their way through your facility in the most efficient fashion?

When you define your goals for the system, you can implement the features and functions your users will benefit from most. Then, you’ll have a clearer picture of how to measure the system’s success toward achieving those goals.

Creating and Updating Content Is Too Complicated

Quite the opposite, actually. Modern digital signage systems are easy to navigate and highly intuitive. Plus, many full-service digital wayfinding and signage solutions providers offer custom-designed content management systems that are tailored to each business’s unique needs. Content can be uploaded and distributed faster and easier than ever before and the technology improving all the time.

Familiarizing yourself with a new interface doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when it’s custom-designed with only the features you need and none of the ones you don’t.

People Won’t Use Digital Signage or Wayfinding Kiosks

When smartphones first hit the market, did consumers shy away from the now-antiquated technology? Definitely not. The same holds true for interactive digital signage and digital wayfinding kiosks. Businesses everywhere have implemented these technologies and customers everywhere are taking advantage of them.

Check out these digital signage statistics if you want some proof. Or, feel free to browse our work to get a better idea of just how useful our systems really are. 

Is Interactive Digital Signage Right for Your Business?

If you’ve been considering interactive wayfinding signage systems or digital signage solutions for your business, our team at Oppna Digital is here to serve you. We’re an end-to-end digital solutions provider and can help you determine your business’s unique technology needs. Feel free to request a demo or give us a call today at 651-237-5677 to learn more!

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