Content Suggestions for Interactive Hospital Digital Signage

Content Suggestions for Interactive Hospital Digital Signage

While there are plenty of advantages interactive digital signage provides for healthcare facilities, such as self check-in, navigation, and general information access, perhaps the most underutilized dynamic of digital signage in hospitals is the ability to curate content. Nowhere is this resource more relevant than in the waiting room, where the opportunity to educate, encourage, or entertain patients is prevalent and applicable.

Rather than providing patients with run-of-the-mill engagement options such as magazines, cable television, or pamphlets, interactive digital signage allows the chance for your healthcare facility to enlighten them on what makes your brand unique, as well as offering relevant and educational information or updates that pertain directly to them.

The national average waiting time in hospitals is reported to be 103 minutes, and other studies have depicted how influential a waiting room environment has upon a patient’s overall satisfaction with a hospital. This is why the need for engaging and enlightening content displayed across your healthcare facility’s digital signage is a necessary digital solution for enhancing your patients’ experience.

To help better serve your clients, let’s take a look at a few engaging and resourceful ways you can implement informative content into your hospital’s digital signage displays.

Custom Video & Infographics

The biggest thing to consider when designing and publishing content for your digital signage is that customized and high-quality content will resonate the most with your patients. Consider this an opportunity to personalize your facility to your patients, whether it’s customized video interviews with various staff members and physicians, informative infographics of encouraging statistics, or instructive animations aimed at educating younger hospital attendees.

The more original and compelling the content you display is, the more engagement you’ll experience with your patients.

Call to Actions

Hospital waiting rooms are a great opportunity to encourage people to be more proactive about their personal health, as well as encouraging them to spread awareness or participate in various health-related issues. This is where implementing call-to-action forms of content on your healthcare facility’s digital signage can inspire and motivate individuals to get more involved with specific causes, such as fundraisers, volunteering, or donation efforts.

Whether it’s spreading the word on upcoming events in the area or providing information on charitable organizations, it’s never a wrong time to try and promote or spread awareness to beneficial and relevant causes to your patients. 

Instructional Information

Most healthcare facilities can come across more like intimidating mazes to those unfamiliar with the premises when they first step foot inside. This is where implementing instructional forms of content on your hospital’s digital signage can help clear up any confusion or unawareness for your patients.

Solutions can range from interactive wayfinding kiosks to help people navigate their way through the facilities, to instructions on what to do in the event of an emergency, fire alarm, or evacuation.

Localized & Relevant News

The problem with leaving waiting room TVs on various cable channels is how little relevancy those broadcasts tend to have in common with patients. Instead of turning the channel to weather stations, talk shows, or news debates, perhaps it’s more applicable for patients to have access to more localized and relevant news updates through interactive digital signage.

Getting immediate updates about what’s happening in their community or re-publishing local news sources and outlets can serve as more pertinent material for patients to access during their waiting room experience. 

Educational Enlightenment

If hospital waiting rooms are good for anything, it’s presenting opportunities to educate and enlighten patients to a wide variety of health-related issues they otherwise would have little to no idea about. Utilizing interactive digital signage to educate patients on how to take care of themselves and others around them is a noble means of promoting informative content, and will only benefit their personal health in the long run.

This can pertain to anything from detecting symptoms for seasonal illnesses, preventive measures for various diseases, or even providing specific resources for anyone suffering from physical or mental ailments.

Learn More About Engaging Digital Signage Solutions From Oppna Digital

With so many ways to encourage, enlighten, and educate your patients through interactive digital signage, understanding all the digital solutions opportunities applicable to your healthcare facility can do wonders for enhancing your patients overall experience. If you’re curious to learn more about the advantages of interactive digital signage, contact Oppna Digital today to get started on scheduling a demo of our services, or give us a call at 651-237-6577 to speak directly with one of our digital solutions experts today. 

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