Is Digital Signage the Future of Retail?

Is Digital Signage the Future of Retail?

The digital evolution and transformation of the retail industry has long established itself as not just a growing trend, but a sign of what’s to come in a field that’s continuously implementing more digital solutions.

With factors ranging from the rise of eCommerce to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, retail stores have had to constantly adapt to a wide variety of variables that have altered the way they cater to customer experience and expectations.

Over the past few years, interactive digital signage software has consistently risen up the ranks to establish itself as an essential form of technology within the retail industry. From its potential to inform and influence consumers on the latest updates and offers from retail stores to its capabilities of providing outlets with a wide range of advantages such as location data and customer engagement, digital signage continues to prove its worth in more ways than one when it comes to benefiting the retail industry.

But are the advancements in digital signage merely a trend, or an indication of what to expect moving forward in the wide world of retail?

Let’s take a closer look at all the ways digital signage isn’t just the future of retail, but very much so the present as well.

Customer Engagement Opportunities

In today’s retail market, consumers are more independent than ever. Whether it’s conducting thorough online research on which pairs of shoes they’re planning to purchase or performing their own price comparisons of products during an in-store shopping excursion, customers are more inclined to seek shopping solutions on their own rather than consult with an employee or representative.

This is where digital signage offers distinct customer engagement opportunities that other retail accessories simply can’t.

For starters, digital signage allows users the ability to individually search for information on products or items without having to seek out an employee and wait for that worker to relay whatever information they wish to inherit. With the touch of their fingertips, they can utilize interactive digital signage software to check on inventory statuses, swipe through the latest promotional offers, and even sign up for rewards programs, providing retail stores with direct channels of communication to stay in touch with them long after they’ve left the store.

Customers are already shopping on touch screens when they’re at home or on-the-go, so why not incorporate them more into the in-store shopping experience as well?

Data Collection

As data continues to be the most coveted information in the world in just about any industry you can think of, digital signage offers retailers the opportunity to learn more about their customers’ habits, interests, and shopping characteristics.

The future of digital signage displays is shifting more toward data collection resources, or location or AI-related technological resources that boost location data collection functionality to help retailers get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not in regards to their average customers’ shopping experience.

Data collection resources integrated with interactive digital signage software can range from any of the following:

●        Analytic reports highlighting which advertisements or promotional offers receive the most engagement

●        Detailed insight into what digital signage content is most consumed and accessed by customers

●        Instant, real-time feedback on customers’ interactions with digital signage displays

●        The more data accumulated, the easier it becomes to produce relevant and more engaging content that can be adjusted or altered to adhere to customer needs

As surveys and other customer satisfaction assessment resources become more obsolete, these data collecting functions embedded in new digital signage software are signaling the future of retail in regards to how retailers monitor and track customer satisfaction.

Interaction Inspires Influence

One of the primary retail advantages digital signage continues to provide is the direct interactive access customers can instantly acquire, which ultimately leads to an informative or influential shopping experience they may have not otherwise encountered.

The more strategically placed digital signage displays you can incorporate into your retail store or outlet, the more opportunities you’re inheriting to influence your customers into taking advantage of any promotional or commercial information you wish for them to receive.

From scanning QR codes to receive exclusive offers on their phones to signing up for membership programs that keep them in-the-loop on everything that’s happening with your business, there are seemingly infinite opportunities to utilize digital signage displays to curate customer interaction which therefore inspires consumer influence.

Experience the Retail Advantages of Professional Digital Signage Services

Whether you’re interested in boosting customer engagement or intrigued to receive analytical reports on consumer behaviors, the advantages digital signage can provide retailers is practically unbound.

When you need professional digital signage services, Oppna Digital has the content creation, design, and installation solutions your business needs to improve your customers’ retail experiences!

Contact us today to request a demo of what our digital signage services can offer your business, or give us a call at 651-237-5677 to schedule an appointment directly. 

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