Should Your Campus Implement Wayfinding Technology?

Should Your Campus Implement Wayfinding Technology?

Over the last several years, hundreds of universities have adopted digital learning platforms to accommodate student needs. It’s no secret that higher education is moving into the digital age, and there’s no better way to stay ahead of the trend than interactive digital wayfinding. Digital wayfinding allows campuses to better serve their students and visitors while keeping up with the modern shift toward technological delivery methods. Oppna Digital explains how this cutting-edge tech can enhance any campus environment. 


Improves the Student and Visitor Experience

Over the course of a single day, a college campus sees thousands of current students, prospective students, and a variety of other visitors. Interactive digital wayfinding makes campus navigation easier than ever by providing user-friendly mapping that gets people where they need to go. Text-to-phone directions further streamline the navigation process by providing turn-by-turn directions as users move throughout the campus.


Bonus: students and visitors can also plan their days by gathering information about weather, upcoming events, and campus dining options in one, quick-and-easy stop.


Digital Solutions Are Easily Adaptable

With static signage and print information, content updates are a lengthy, involved, and potentially expensive undertaking. Digital signage keeps campus information up-to-date with far less effort and even less time. Need to change the location of a seminar? Or how about map out alternative routes to avoid an ongoing renovation project? With interactive wayfinding, updating campus content is intuitive, quick, and easy. You’ll drastically reduce campus and visitor confusion while reducing unnecessary paper waste.


Technology Appeals to Students

It’s safe to assume the majority of your campus’s student population is at least partially reliant on technology. Interactive digital wayfinding uniquely appeals to students via its interactive user interface and text-to-phone campus directions. While students can certainly locate static signage, they’ll undoubtedly gravitate toward a visually stimulating, turn-by-turn wayfinding option. Plus, static signage may be located in areas that are not easily accessible for all students. Campus digital wayfinding offers superior accessibility for students with disabilities, which makes navigating campus much less challenging.


Increases Organizational Visibility

Want to increase attendance for an important campus event? Or how about boost membership in your school’s student organizations? Interactive digital signage allows you to promote campus features and events in an easy-to-digest but hard-to-forget manner. Printing thousands of brochures and plastering flyers across campus isn’t just expensive and wasteful; it’s highly time consuming. Digital signage is a far more effective advertising method because it captures students’ attention with appealing visuals while catering to their preference for digital information delivery. 


Oppna Digital: Your Campus Wayfinding Solutions Provider

At Oppna Digital, we provide custom-designed, full-service digital wayfinding solutions for universities, stadiums, retail outlets, and other large-scale facilities throughout the Twin Cities. Let us help you bring your campus into the digital age with interactive solutions that improve student orientation and increase your organizational visibility. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 651-237-6577, or you can request a free demo here.

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