Top 5 Digital Signage Cities in the U.S.

Top 5 Digital Signage Cities in the U.S.

As metropolitan cities in the U.S. continue to grow and expand, businesses of all sizes and industries are adapting to new strategies and technologies to connect and influence their clients. One of these mediums has been the rise of digital signage systems, which have become utilized in everything from healthcare and airport wayfinding solutions to more intimate means of branding for cities to connect with residents and tourists alike.

Research shows that in 2021, the U.S. digital signage market size was valued at $5.3 billion, a number that’s expected to climb up to over $8 billion in 2022. As population in major U.S. cities increases and industries proceed to evolve and multiply, these metropolitan areas are realizing the need for providing people with more digital signage solutions to better acquaint themselves with their surroundings.

But where exactly has embraced digital signage services more apparently than the rest of the country?

Let’s take a look at the top five digital signage cities in the U.S. that are signaling the wave of the future in branding and digital wayfinding technologies.

5) Houston, Texas

The fourth largest city in the country, Houston has ramped up its digital signage efforts in recent years to account for the significant uptick in population and industry growth.

In February of 2022, the city announced an unveiling of dozens of innovative interactive kiosk stations installed all throughout the downtown area and other adjacent neighborhoods, in an attempt to improve their digital wayfinding and navigation efforts.

But the kiosk displays offer more than pointing the passersby in the right direction. All of the free-to-use kiosk stations operate as geo-located Wi-Fi hotspots, able to instantly provide users with any essential information about the areas or neighborhoods they’re currently occupying.

Each kiosk also has multilingual features, as well as touchscreen access to directories detailing nearby options for restaurants, shops, businesses, institutions, events, or emergency resources.

4) Minneapolis, Minnesota

The larger of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis was one of the initial metropolitan areas in the U.S. to embrace and implement digital signage technologies, and have never looked back.

From the Mall of America to the MSP Airport, digital signage displays installed throughout the city have incorporated more interactive and intuitive digital wayfinding resources, providing users with everything from 3D mapping routes to smartphone synchronization opportunities.

With interactive kiosk stations serving as one-stop-shops to access information regarding various transportation modes, such as public transit, bike rentals, ride services, or walking routes, Minneapolis continues to be on the forefront of digital signage technologies to enhance their residents’ way of life.

3) Chicago, Illinois

If you’ve ever stepped foot in the Windy City, you know just how easy it can be to lose your way amidst all the skyscrapers and enchanting scenery. That’s why Chicago has significantly stepped up their investments in digital signage systems, strategically placing and installing touchscreen displays all throughout the downtown metropolitan area.

Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than the Millennium Park area, where multiple massive LED video wall screens illuminate the park at night, providing more of a culturally artistic feel to accompany the majestic surroundings.

Elsewhere, you can find digital signage displays in just about every major landmark or institution, ranging from Navy Pier to the United Center, where users can quickly access any information regarding their whereabouts.

Chicago continues to be an innovative city with regards to combining accessibility with creativity within their digital signage systems.

2) Boston, Massachusetts

Navigating your way around any big city is a challenge in and of itself, let alone a city as intricate as Boston. That’s why the city has consistently been one of the national leaders in installing digital signage service stations to accompany all of their major public transit resources.

No matter from which train stop you disembarkt, you’ll be able to find interactive kiosk stations that inform you of your surroundings, steering you in any direction you need to go.

Boston is also home to the landmark Boston Children’s Hospital, the premier U.S. children’s hospital when it comes to providing visitors with innovative digital signage and healthcare wayfinding solutions.

Through significant mobile wayfinding developments, patients can utilize the Boston Children’s Hospital smartphone app to easily navigate their way around the premises, as well as instantly access any emergency contact information.

1) New York City, New York

It should come as no surprise that the biggest city in the U.S. is also the number one city when it comes to providing millions of people with innovative digital signage resources.

For the past decade, New York City has revamped its digital signage efforts, replacing any traces of dated or expired technologies such as phone booths and billboards with self-service interactive kiosk stations.

Subway platforms, attractions such as the relatively new Gov Mario Cuomo Bridge, retail outlets – you name it, New York City most likely has installed an accommodative digital signage display right next to it, providing users with infinite solutions to their navigational needs.

When it comes to digital signage innovation, The Big Apple continues to evolve and grow as the leading digital signage market in the nation.

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