What Can Digital Signage Tell Us About Consumer Habits?

What Can Digital Signage Tell Us About Consumer Habits?

As we venture further into the digital age of consumerism, every industry feels the need to accommodate their clientele in a variety of ways that would’ve seemed unfathomable just a decade ago. One of the more evolving technologies that’s influencing consumer behavior has been digital signage, a medium that has progressed tremendously in recent years due to consumer demand.

Research shows that the demand for digital signage will only intensify throughout the impending decade, with its market size value reported at just under $25 billion in 2022 and its expected value projected to be over $45 billion by 2030. But what exactly does this growing need for digital signage technology tell us about the shifting needs of 21st century consumers?

As online shopping continues to skyrocket, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of implementing innovative technologies into their business operations to enhance in-store experiences. The result of this increase in in-store digital signage displays has been epiphanic for companies trying to stay on the cutting edge of customer service.

To further examine this market relationship, here are a few of the things digital signage technology is telling us about today’s consumer habits.

Consumers Want a More Personalized Experience

Perhaps the biggest shift in consumer behavior in the past decade has been the increase in control customers want to possess in their retail experience. In fact, research shows that 70% of consumers say they feel it’s important for brands to offer their clients a more personalized experience, a need that can be perfectly accommodated with digital signage technology.

Whether it’s for in-store advertising, product demonstrations, or brand engagement opportunities, digital signage gives customers total control over their consumer intentions. They can serve as information kiosk stations, allowing customers to dig deeper into product or service descriptions, or see for themselves what’s in stock and what’s sold out.

The increase in digital signage usage tells us that consumers no longer want to feel dependent on on-site staff to answer their questions or solve their problems; they simply want to be their own boss!

Shopping Isn’t As Casual as It Once Was

Shopping used to be a more spontaneous, casual activity that didn’t necessarily have to result in a purchase for the customer. Nowadays, there are less organic walk-in customer experiences, as more consumers visit stores or places of business with a specific purpose in mind, a quality that aligns with the growing demand for more digital signage solutions.

Studies show that over 80% of shoppers conduct their own research on products or services before entering a store or making any purchases, and that research doesn’t necessarily stop once they’ve arrived on-site. Price comparisons, online reviews, social media engagement; having these features available to consumers via digital signage displays means they won’t have to conduct these searches on their smartphones when visiting your place of business.

Digital signage stations can serve as centralized locations for consumers to carry on with their research or answering their inquiries on the spot, providing immediate access to various information that will persuade their purchasing decisions.

Immediacy Isn’t Prefered: It’s Expected

As the lines between online and in-person shopping continue to blur, another consumer habit that’s emerged is the expectation of immediate satisfaction. Now, perhaps “immediate” satisfaction is a somewhat unrealistic expectation for customers to have. But nonetheless, swift and prompt customer service is an absolute must for today’s consumers. 

Nothing caters to instant gratification quite like providing customers with immediate access to accommodative digital signage stations. Whether it’s an interactive kiosk that answers FAQs or a digital wayfinding screen that enlightens users to their location, digital signage helps businesses adhere to over-the-top expectations that all consumer needs must be resolved with the utmost punctuality.

Consumers Want to Connect and Engage With Their Brands

Nowadays, consumers don’t want to simply do business with a brand and leave it at that. They want to interact and engage with the companies they choose to do business with, and businesses are becoming more aware that they need to do whatever it takes to maintain and improve their digital presence – long after customers leave the store.

Digital signage gives businesses more opportunities to connect and engage with customers, keeping brands fresh on their minds even when they’re not physically present. Whether it’s displaying QR codes that provide exclusive content or promotional offers or providing enrollment opportunities to stay in touch on social media platforms, audience engagement matters.

Digital signage can be the bridge that builds long-lasting relationships between businesses and their loyal supporters.

Accommodating Consumer Needs With Digital Signage Solutions

Providing the best customer experience possible is an obvious goal for businesses of all industries. At Oppna Digital, we help businesses better accommodate their customers’ needs by offering custom digital signage strategies that align with their customer service goals.

Ready to see what digital signage technology can do for your business? Contact Oppna Digital today to request a demo of our digital signage services!

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