Why More Grocery Stores Are Turning to Digital Signage

Why More Grocery Stores Are Turning to Digital Signage

As various industries have evolved and faltered throughout the past few years, grocery stores remain an essential consumer component of the retail industry. However, the pandemic has forced grocery stores to reevaluate their approach to customer service, specifically due to the rise of online grocery shopping, as well as increased usage in grocery delivery apps.

One of the ways grocery retailers are starting to rethink their in-store accommodations and accessibility is through digital signage systems, intended to simplify the grocery shopping process, as well as compliment the more independent-minded shopping approach most consumers today inhibit.

While most people don’t associate digital signage displays with grocery stores, taking a look at the research in support of digital signage solutions certainly explains why most grocery retailers are intrigued to implement such technologies into their business operations.

In fact, studies show that 68% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a digital signage display, and digital signage exhibits have been found to increase customer engagement levels by 46%. So how exactly are grocery retailers implementing digital signage technologies into their stores?

Here are a few of the ways more grocery stores are starting to utilize digital signage services to enhance their customers’ experience.

Encouraging Self-Service

For most people, the grocery store is essentially a “get-in, get-out” retail experience, with a lot of shoppers looking for as little interaction as possible. This is where interactive digital signage displays come in handy, providing immediate access to shoppers looking for a broad range of information, ranging from inventory directories to price-checks.

As self check-out becomes more of the dominating method for grocery shoppers, utilizing digital signage technologies to encourage self-service makes their experience more accommodating and accessible.

Custom Content Management

Digital signage displays are far more influential than most people give them credit for.

Check out these statistics highlighting the effect digital signage exhibits can have upon consumers:

●        Over 40% of consumers say that digital signage has an influence on their purchasing decisions

●        59% of consumers who come across digital signage content are intrigued to learn more about a product or service

●        19% of consumers report to making impulse purchases after seeing digital signage ads

●        Digital signage displays can produce over 31% upswing in overall sales volumes

Having total control over the custom content you want to showcase through your digital signage displays not only allows your grocery store to showcase all the latest products you’re trying to promote, but has the potential to increase sales and influence shoppers to make purchases they wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Interactive Branding

Nowadays, shopping goes beyond simply entering a store and leaving with your purchases. Consumers want to relate with the brands they choose to do business with on a personal level, especially with the grocery stores they choose to support.

Interactive digital signage displays can provide grocery stores with more opportunities to connect with their shoppers, specifically when it comes to smartphone synchronization. Shoppers can pass by digital signage screens and scan a QR code, granting them access to exclusive promotional offers or loyalty programs to sign up for.

You can also encourage your shoppers to follow your social media pages, so they can stay in the loop on any updates, events, or products you're trying to push.

Interactive Digital Signage Strategies From Oppna Digital

At Oppna Digital, we create custom digital signage strategies that are intended to help businesses of all industries better connect with their clientele, and contribute to a more positive customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about how interactive digital signage displays can change your business for the better!

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