Why Wayfinding Drives Digital Signage Revenue
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Why Wayfinding Drives Digital Signage Revenue

Not only do wayfinding systems improve navigation at your facility, but they also drive digital revenue signage. As a business, you’re constantly searching for new ways to bring in revenue to stay ahead of the competition, and the same holds true if you’re a mall or other sales-based, revenue-driven business. By incorporating wayfinding and digital signage solutions into your facility, you can improve customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and engagement by using the latest technology. So, how does wayfinding contribute to an increase in digital signage revenue, and how do our experts at Oppna Digital use these technologies to bring you sustained success?

More Efficient Than Traditional Signage

When you incorporate wayfinding into your facility, your customers and employees will be better able to find their way around, which leads to increased efficiency, more conversions, and more satisfaction. When you visit a large facility, like the Mall of America, an airport, a college campus, or something else, you’ll likely be instantly confused as to where to go. If you’ve never been there before, it can be overwhelming. For years, people have relied on traditional, static signage to find their way around, but static signage can’t keep up with constant changes, nor can it provide the customized, interactive directions wayfinding systems do.

Digital wayfinding systems are easy-to-use, provide turn-by-turn directions at the moment that can also be sent directly to your phone, ADA compatible, and easy-to-read to provide you with an easy route to your destination. When customers are better able to find their destination, they’re more likely to purchase what they came for and may even purchase more because they’re satisfied with how they got there. This leads to increased revenue for your facility and the businesses within.

Marketing Using Wayfinding and Digital Signage

As technology has quickly taken over in the last few years, more businesses have quickly taken to taking advantage of everything technology has to offer. By making use of everything wayfinding and digital signage have to offer, you can easily advertise deals, promotions, and other information that will drive sales. These features are especially useful if you’re targeting younger generations. These generations are more tech-savvy and want to see information streamlined for them. They don’t want to be inundated with choices; they want to quickly find what they’re looking for and see other relevant options with similar products. By directing your customers to their desired locations with little to no effort on their part, they’re more likely to make purchases that benefit you, which in turn, drives revenue. Contact us to learn more today.

Contact Oppna Digital Today

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art wayfinding system that allows for easy navigation through your facility and provides advertising space, contact Oppna Digital today.  For years, we’ve been improving customer efficiency. To learn more or request a demo, give us a call at 651-237-5677 or message us on our contact page today.

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