5 Reasons Hotels Are Investing in Wayfinding Mobile Solutions

5 Reasons Hotels Are Investing in Wayfinding Mobile Solutions

Remember the days of traveling without a smartphone? Arriving at the hotel, asking the front desk for restaurant recommendations, and grabbing tourist pamphlets in the lobby. Nowadays, these forms of wayfinding seem like a lost art!

The reality of traveling today is that travelers are more equipped than ever before to navigate their way around new cities. In fact, research shows that 81% of travelers consider their smartphones to be the most important travel companion.

This is why more hotels are continuing to invest in innovative wayfinding mobile solutions to accommodate this technological dependency and cater to their guests’ navigational needs. Hotels have always been a waypoint of sorts for travelers, but with the rise of digital wayfinding solutions, they need to be more than merely a lavish sanctuary.

Thanks to hotel wayfinding apps, travelers now expect hotels to provide real-time wayfinding services so they can easily find their way around town and explore desired amenities. As a result, hotels need to invest in wayfinding services to stay competitive in today's travel industry.

From providing more personalized traveling experiences to directly delivering branded content, here are five reasons why more hotels are investing in wayfinding mobile solutions than ever before.

1. Self-Service Wayfinding

In this golden age of technology, hotels need to provide guests with more self-service options to satisfy their preferences for independence. By allowing guests to navigate their own way around using hotel-branded digital maps on their devices, hotels can not only appease their clients' needs, but also reduce strain on their staff.

With self-service wayfinding apps, guests can access wayfinding services 24/7 without having to wait for assistance from a receptionist or concierge.

2. Downloadable Branded Content

Part of what makes any stay at a hotel memorable is how brands can provide a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience no other competitors can replicate. By investing in mobile wayfinding apps (or integration of wayfinding to an existing app), hotels can give their guests a more interactive wayfinding experience.

Offer downloadable branded content, such as local restaurant guides, activity itineraries, tourist attraction recommendations, and so much more.

3. Personalized Wayfinding Experiences

It’s incredible how much hotels can learn about their guests’ interests and preferences through performance analytics captured by their wayfinding app usage.

By utilizing data collected through wayfinding technology, hotels can provide personalized wayfinding experiences based on previous locations and search inquiries, catering to each guest's individual passions and needs.

When guests feel they’re being personally courted by a hotel, they’ll certainly feel more inclined to come back and stay again next time they’re in town!

4. In-App Branding

The in-app branding opportunities provided by wayfinding apps should not be overlooked. Hotels can use wayfinding mobile solutions to generate promotional QR codes that link back to their website (or a partner’s site) when scanned in-app.

They can also encourage users to enroll in membership or reward programs, so hotels can stay connected with previous customers long after they check out.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

In today’s world of traveling and technology, expectations are higher than ever. By offering mobile wayfinding solutions, hotels can ensure their customers are able to easily navigate around their premises and find the right places quickly and efficiently.

This way, hotels can provide a better user experience and ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Wayfinding App Development From Oppna Digital

There are dozens of ways that wayfinding apps benefit hotels while adhering to customers' needs. At Oppna Digital, we can help hotels install the latest digital wayfinding technology to stay ahead of their competition and exceed guests’ expectations.

From digital signage solutions to mobile app development, contact Oppna Digital today to learn more about all of our wayfinding services!

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